No Tav: battle night in Valsusa, the highway to Frejus closed for hours

Battle night in Valsusa. The throwing of stones and tear gas at the police, this night in San Didero, reached the A32 motorway and Turin Bardonecchia was closed for hours as a precaution. The latest assault on the construction site by 150 people coordinated, according to investigators, from the Askatasuna social center, ended around midnight.

The objective of the attack was the construction site opened in San Didero to build the new autoport as compensation for the dismantling of the current autoport of Susa which will have to give way to shunting tracks and other ancillary works related to the construction of the TAV.

The area of ​​the clashes

The attack started after 9 pm, in the dark when stones, paper bombs and fireworks were thrown from the woods towards the entrance to the construction site, built on the A32 and manned by the police. Trucks and men were the targets of the violent throws. The police responded with the launch of tear gas and, in a short time, the forest was filled with the smoke of the tear gas.

The investigation of the Digos of Turin, directed by Carlo Ambra, is underway on the assault last night. The highway was closed for about three hours because after the assault it was necessary to reclaim the stretch of stones and the remains of the fireworks.

“The usual Jersey did not discourage the resisters who, accompanied by choirs and beatings, managed to tear away several meters of concertina – this is the narration of the night that No Tav share on social networks – The police present, in an attempt to to make the No Tav desist, they launched a dense launch of tear gas at the demonstrators deciding, moreover, to occupy a section of the highway. artifice “.

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