Anti-covid vaccines, boom in bookings in recent days. Green pass effect?

Anti-covid vaccines, boom in bookings in recent days. Green pass effect?
Anti-covid vaccines, boom in bookings in recent days. Green pass effect?

Soaring in reservations for the Covid vaccine throughout theEmilia Romagna. In just over four days, from last Monday to yesterday morning, in fact, there were over 77 thousand new bookings received by the health authorities: 5,873 in the ASL territory of Piacenza, 6.875 a Parma, 6.537 a Reggio Emilia, 9.608 a Modena, 17.583 a Bologna, 1.753 a Imola, 3.746 a Ferrara and 25,969 in the territories under the jurisdiction ofAsl Romagna.

A total therefore of 77,944 bookings in just over four days: of these, in particular, 14,499 came from the age group 12-19 and 4,745 from the 60-69 year-olds, two age groups for which the ASL have launched or are about to launch ad hoc initiatives, such as vaccination on campers in the markets or at the beach.

To give an example of the significance of the increases in bookings, to which in addition to the announcement of the Green pass also the awareness campaigns of companies contribute, in Modena and its province the bookings in the period from 12 to 15 July were 5,656 while in the same days of the following week, therefore from 19 to 22, 9,608 requests arrived: a 69.9% increase.

The data that comes from the Asl Romagna is also significant: in the early hours of Friday 16 July there were about 1,600 bookings, from midnight to 3 yesterday, Friday 23 July, the number it has more than tripled, coming in at 5,057.

Green pass effect? “Whatever the reason, for us every extra booking is good news – says the councilor for health policies, Raffaele Donini-. Surely the news of the Green pass and the limitations that will be imposed on those who do not have it available have influenced, but I want to believe there was also a response of responsibility from many Emilia-Romagna – continues the councilor – who in these The last few days have unfortunately seen an increase in infections. And we must not underestimate the awareness campaigns of health companies ”.

“Our vaccination system has been tested and is absolutely capable of handling this quantity of requests in the right time, – concludes Donini – after having exceeded 2 million immunized, we continue towards our only goal which is to achieve the protection of communities that reaches the threshold of 70% of vaccinated “.

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