Taekwondo, Vito Dell’Aquila arrives in the semifinals and medals will be played in Tokyo 2020! – OA Sport

Vito Dell’Aquila he qualified for the semifinal of the category -58 kg at Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The 20-year-old from Mesagne, who in the first round got rid of the Hungarian Omar Salim, overwhelmed the Thai Ramnarong Sawekwiharee in the quarter-finals by ‘point gap’, having reached an advantage of 20 points (37-17): the match it was therefore concluded before the limit.

The Pugliese immediately started with a rocket, taking on 6-0. The Asian was outlining a reaction that brought him back to -4 (12-8), but the first fraction ended 16-8 in favor of the blue. The native of Mesagne literally ran away during the second round, flying away in a few seconds until 31-13. In the third and final fraction the Italian quickly scored the 4 points that allowed him to conclude the contest prematurely.

Really a great show of strength by the bearer of the Bel Paese, who appeared decidedly convincing even in the defensive phase. Now one piece is missing to enter the final and at least be sure to go home with a medal. The next opponent will be the Argentine Lucas Lautaro Guzman, reigning Pan American champion and bronze at the 2019 World Championships: a certainly uncomfortable opponent, who in the quarterfinals he asphalted the Iranian Armin Hadipour Seighalani for 26-6, imposing himself before the limit as Dell’Aquila.

The other semifinal will see the South Korean instead Jun Jang |, favorite number 1 for gold, and the Tunisian Mohamed Khalil Jendoubi.

Photo: TAPE

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