“They are wrong, but the person is missing”

“They are wrong, but the person is missing”
“They are wrong, but the person is missing”

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July 23, 2021 6:53 pm

“I’m not on the right side, but for now we are not proceeding with the suspension for unvaccinated doctors because national coordination is needed and behind the suspensions there is another problem: the lack of professionals. Whoever made this decree did not take into account the fact that there is no staff ».


The president of the Region Luca Zaia has already clearly stated which side he is on, not only because he was vaccinated, but because he has already publicly declared several times that he does not conceive the concept of No Vax (shared instead by his fellow leaguers, and by which the leader Matteo Salvini has never distanced himself from). He also gave his consent on the Green Pass, but asked Rome for more vaccines. He himself had asked for the suspension of doctors and health professionals opposed to the vaccine, but had to reverse due to lack of staff. For this he had to freeze the provision


“The French model is not applicable because it effectively introduces the obligation to vaccinate in a lapidary manner and I seem to have understood that it is not compulsory so I will defend everyone’s freedom. I acknowledge that the use of the green pass has been significantly extended. The issue today then is another: are we able to guarantee vaccines? It seems to me that they are missing because I can confirm that there is an assault on the diligence to get vaccinated “are the words of Zaia during the usual press conference of the day. “Veneto has 200,000 doses of vaccines available from today until September, which aims to cover 82% of the population by October”.


wrong person missing

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