Beautiful anticipations today, July 24: Steffy risks his life

In the previews of the new episode of Beautiful today, July 24, broadcast on Canale 5 at 1.40 pm: Steffy is overwhelmed by a car. Driving the car is Bill. The clash between the two vehicles is very violent and Forrester has the worst. Now the woman risks her life …

Steffy has fainted, is rushed to hospital and is in a coma. The accident with the car of Bill on the streets of Los Angeles it was so violent that now Forrester risk your life.

It Spencer he was shocked by what happened. When he realized he had overwhelmed Steffy he immediately tried to race against time to be able to bring her to safety. Will it be enough? Against what happened there will not be only the remorse of having put an innocent girl in danger of life.

For Bill there will also be the wrath of Ridge to face that after seeing the man ruin his marriage by kissing his wife Brooke, now it risks giving him a new pain. The Forrester will he catch the ball to end it once and for all with him?

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Flo sends a message to Wyatt, will she read it in time?

Flo she understood everything and after recovering she tries to stop Sally and his plan. Even if connected to a radiator the Fulton it still manages to block the Spectra, to make her fall and make her pass out. It’s a good time to try texting Wyatt and explain everything that is going on.

Then when the stylist resumes she is even more furious and determined to carry out her plan, to conquer the love of Wyatt. The Flo’s boyfriend will he have had time to read Flo’s message? And how will he react to what is written in the message? For sure there Spectra ignores that Flo managed to communicate with Wyatt …

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Beautiful anticipations today July Steffy risks life

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