neither he nor Salvi told me to report it »-

neither he nor Salvi told me to report it »-
neither he nor Salvi told me to report it »-

Former CSM councilor Piercamillo Davigo: «Ermini agreed on the gravity, but neither he nor Salvi told me to report. And nobody questioned me “

Doctor Davigo, why did you not formally notify the CSM of the alleged investigative stasis of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office on Amara’s minutes?
“It couldn’t be done in that case. If the procedure to follow does not allow to keep the secret, then it cannot be followed. At the CSM, despite the precautions taken, there had been a demonstration a few months earlier on the news of the Perugia investigation on Palamara. In April 2020 Storari described to me a serious situation, namely that almost 4 months after Amara’s declarations on a secret association, her bosses had not yet proceeded to enroll, which the code instead requires “immediately”. To avoid possible disciplinary consequences, I advised him to put it in writing. Even if a Public Prosecutor does not believe in a declarant, it cannot remove the crime report from the investigating judge: it must register it and then ask for it to be filed. Storari gave me word files from the pc to support the memory ».

That is, the minutes: don’t you think a distinction of goat wool?
«Those who find the container relevant rather than the content can think so. At the beginning of May Storari told me that nothing had changed and indeed that Greco had reproached him for the solicitation. At this point I considered it urgent to notify the CSM. And I informed the vice president Ermini ».

Only in words? Or showed him the secret records? Or did he even give them to him?
«In one of the following interviews I gave them, printed, all the ones I had, ‘so you can consult them’. Also because they were called into question both councilors of the CSM in office and the previous one. Ermini agreed on the seriousness and gravity of the situation ».

Did he tell you he would talk to the Quirinale?
“I prefer not to involve other people here, I told the prosecutors in Rome and Brescia”.

Then she also talked about it with the pg of the Supreme Court, Salvi.
“He showed no surprise, a sign that he must have already been informed.”

Did she tell him she had the minutes? Did you show them to him?
“No, he didn’t ask me. But he didn’t even say to me “No, look that this is not good …” ».

The pg Salvi disputes in the disciplinary to Storari of having tried to influence the activity of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office. She is retired, but it also applies to her, and it is a bloody accusation for a historical prosecutor from Milan and Clean Hands.
“So, if you try to enforce the law, then you have to hear the Attorney General of the Cassation say something like that that’s out of this world?” Nobody dreamed of telling me to formalize. Ermini did not do it and Salvi did not do it. If they had asked me to formalize, I would have done a service report right away. Except, if he considered the procedure to be irregular, being the holder of the disciplinary action and also a judicial authority and also the head of the investigating magistracy, he could and should immediately question me as a person informed on the facts. Yet he did not, only to later take it out on Storari. If ever, perhaps I was wrong in deluding myself that the intervention of the Attorney General – that is, the telephone call to Greco, after which at least the crime report was registered in Milan – could have initiated the matter for resolution. The truth is that Storari in a serious country would be the recipient of a commendation for having tried to enforce the rule, instead it is disheartening to be subjected to disciplinary action “.

You have a somewhat controversial thesis on secrecy.
“It cannot be opposed to the CSM and therefore to the members (except for those who cannot know it for subjective reasons), and in any case there is never a violation of official secrecy when it is communicated to another public official who is kept secret”.

Who else on the CSM did he show the minutes to or talk about?
“To Giuseppe Cascini (official of Area, ed) I said, and showed him the minutes, because I needed his evaluation as a former Roman prosecutor on the reliability of Amara. To Giuseppe Gigliotti (lay person indicated by the M5S, ed) I said and showed him the minutes because he was presiding over the CSM disciplinary section and there were two of the magistrates pointed out by Amara. To Stefano Cavanna (layman expressed by the League, ed), only summarily and without showing them to him, because he was sometimes in the disciplinary section. To Giuseppe Marra and Ilaria Pepe (with Ardita and Davigo in the Autonomy and Independence group, ed) because they wanted to reconcile me with Ardita, with whom I no longer spoke for previous events. I showed them to Marra, and then, after October 2020, when I left the CSM, I also gave them to him, telling him “I’ll leave them to you in case the CSM Presidential Committee feels it needs them” ».

And Nicola Morra, then M5S, what does it have to do with it? He says he wanted her to make peace with Ardita because he was sorry you broke up with you two who were his references in judicial politics.
“I met Minister Bonafede three times in official circumstances, never in private, I have always kept away from politics, including from the 5 Stars, and therefore Morra I don’t know if he did the judicial policy of the M5S with Ardita, certainly not the he did it with me … He came as president of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, he too insisted on my pacification with Ardita, I explained to him that I didn’t want to for previous reasons. And then, recommending him twice that as a public official he was bound to secrecy, I added that moreover Ardita was also indicated as belonging to a Masonic association. The alternative was to spread the chatter ».

But isn’t it contradictory that you say you have acted in this way to reinvigorate a secret investigation, when your very conduct ended up spreading the news?
“The news did not circulate at all, so much so that three quarters of CSM members learned it only in April 2021 from Di Matteo’s speech at CSM plenum, which I find surprising he carried out in public rather than secret hearing”.

To send the minutes anonymously to Di Matteo, and first to two newspapers, for the prosecutors of Rome was the one who was her assistant to the CSM, Marcella Contraffatto. Did you make a mistake so much?
“I still don’t understand what he would have done, and the disconcerting ways in which he would have done it. I have always judged her reliable, and such was the opinion of those who at CSM had worked with her before me ».

But wasn’t it that she took advantage of Storari to earn credits at the CSM, where in the summer of 2020 there was a discussion about whether or not she could stay after the age of 70 in October?
“If ever the exact opposite: perhaps I compromised my stay at the CSM. But I could not fail to report to those in charge a very serious situation that Storari had pointed out to me in my institutional role. I believe that I have served justice with discipline and honor. And I don’t think it will be this unfounded accusation that will soil 42 years of service ».

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