exponents of the MedereMi association are running for Forza Italia in defense of the private car

exponents of the MedereMi association are running for Forza Italia in defense of the private car
exponents of the MedereMi association are running for Forza Italia in defense of the private car

Create the replacement parking space before deleting one on the street. Abolition of Area B and remodeling of Area C, allowing free entry in the early hours of the morning. Construction of M1 extensions towards Monza and Baggio. And a new extension of the M2 towards Scalo Romana and Vigentino in order to “give” the subway to Municipio 5, the only one in Milan still without underground stops. But also an underground parking plan and the restoration of the ATM subscription for the elderly. These are some of Forza Italia’s ideas on Milanese mobility, presented at a press conference on Thursday 8 April by the outgoing city councilor, and group leader at Palazzo Marino, Fabrizio De Pasquale, and by deputy Cristina Rossello, the party’s city commissioner.

“Private mobility is freedom, necessity and growth factor”

But the meeting also served to “sanction” the alliance between Forza Italia and the MedereMi association, which will nominate some of its exponents in the “blue” lists for the city council and city councils. The association, active for two years, is very critical of the mobility policies conducted by the two councils Pisapia and Sala, especially in recent months. “MorreMi was born to defend private mobility as freedom, necessity and growth factor,” said Edoardo Dubini, president of the association, an architect by profession. «A moat has been created around Zone 1, as if it were an area to be defended at all costs from the entry of who knows who. But the city needs movement and freedom ”, Dubini continued, recalling“ constraints, restrictions, poorly designed cycle paths, tactical squares and much more traffic, with long queues of people wasting thousands of hours ”.

“I am distressed and sad to see the city distorted,” added Elisabetta Carmignani, a freelancer, who will run for the Forza Italia list for the city council: “Among alternative means there must be competitiveness and not sacrifice. And those arriving from outside the city must not be subjected to violence and harassment due to arbitrary choices ». Carmignani then relaunched the old proposal of the “pink taxi” to allow women, in the evening, to take a taxi at controlled costs.

“Roads now jungles of construction sites and traps for motorists”

“The junta has waged a war against citizens who use cars, despite the need to move safely in times of Covid,” said Cristina Bernardini, architect and urban planner, a candidate in the city council and in the council of Municipio 4 : «The roads have been turned into a trap for motorists, often with no escape routes. Milan is also a jungle of road construction sites which, at times, seem to be used almost in an instrumental way to create obstacles, close roads, reverse directions ». For Bernardini, moreover, the areas of parking on the street «create urban ghettos. I would like to be free to choose where to go, have dinner, have fun, study ». The reference to the bicycle is unavoidable, «a straight-leg entry in conflict with vehicular traffic. The cycle paths have stolen space from a city that thrives on movement ».

“In the center, pedestrian areas not used by pedestrians”

“It is not permissible that those who live in the center have to pay the entrance to their home after the first forty free”, added Giulia Panvini, architect and candidate in the council of Municipio 1: “In the center, pedestrian areas have been created, as in the square Castello, which is not actually used by pedestrians and is a den of delinquency. Piazza Sant’Agostino will be the same thing. At the Arco della Pace the situation is better only because it stays alive with the locals. Pedestrianization conflicts with this phase in which we are forced to stay at home and home deliveries have increased. In Milan skyscrapers are built to look like America or Dubai, but then some streets look like they are in the Paduan countryside ».

«The trader in Viale Monza and Corso Buenos Aires is not a priori against cycle paths but must be done in different contexts, such as parallel streets. People are used to going to Corso Buenos Aires by car and today they can no longer find parking », echoed Cristina Giraudo, optician and candidate for the Council of City Hall 2.

The future Ztl of the island is also very much contested: «It is a very busy area, full of activities and clubs. The choice will have a great impact on the streets of the neighborhood and there will be severe inconveniences in the northern area of ​​the city “, the comment by Roberta Baldassin, candidate for Municipality 9 and also for Municipality 7:” The weaker groups, such as the disabled and the elderly, find the current unspeakable mobility, far from fluid. It is chaotic and obstacle. The junta seems to create new barriers and divide citizens ”.

«It is one of the moments of encounter between Forza Italia and the associations that present a vision of the city. The movement meets and brings together new people, who propose new projects for Milan to the citizens. In addition to mobility, we are also working on digitization, the smart city, millennials, hospitality, with the aim of combining sacrificed interests. The choices must not have an impact on the city but must be discussed with the citizens ”, commented Cristina Rossello at the end of the meeting. And the candidate for mayor? “There are three names under consideration”, he explained, “and Forza Italia will have a very leading leader”.

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