Chinese Foreign Ministry: some countries such as the US have politicized the issue of tracing the origin of the virus

On April 8, the Chinese Foreign Ministry held an ordinary press conference chaired by spokesman Zhao Lijian. A reporter asked a question about the open letter recently published by 24 scientists and researchers from Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan.

Zhao Lijian said that the work related to the research of the origin of the virus has certainly been influenced by factors of a political nature, which however do not come from the Chinese side. Some countries, including the US, continue to politicize the search for the origin of the virus, damaging and hindering cooperation between China and the WHO, attacking and defaming China and openly challenging independence and the conclusions of the research carried out by scientists . This not only damages global cooperation on tracing the origin of the virus, but also affects the efforts made worldwide in the fight against the epidemic.


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