Green Pass, the Piedmont Region will now say how many hospitalized are not vaccinated: 32 out of 48

Piedmont will communicate every day how many are vaccinated among the hospitalized: “These are the results that must convince people and the square, so I always respect everyone’s ideas but I ask those who demonstrate against the vaccine to have an open mind to look at the vaccine results without prejudice. For this reason, every day we will do the data of the hospitalized specifying how many of them are vaccinated. Out of three beds occupied in intensive care, no patient had been vaccinated ”announced the president of Piedmont Alberto Cirio, who thus responds to yesterday’s demonstration in Piazza Castello against the obligation of the green pass announced yesterday by Premier Draghi.

In all, 32 out of a total of 48 hospitalized for coronavirus, or two thirds, are unvaccinated: in addition to the three in intensive care, there are 29 in Covid wards. Of the remaining 16, 9 received the double dose and 7 only the first, all have mild symptoms and are on the mend.

In the square in Turin to say no to the Green pass after the go-ahead from the government: “But don’t call us No Vax”

by Carlotta Rocci

July 22, 2021

Cirio adds that “we are setting up a system to collect these data and computerize them. We believe in the freedom of vaccination, but this freedom corresponds to our greater commitment to demonstrate that vaccination is important. This new method aims to demonstrate in fact how much science is already there. saying: that those who get vaccinated rarely end up in hospital and in any case do not get seriously ill. The results – the governor points out – must convince the square. To those who demonstrate against the vaccine, I ask to have an open mind to look without prejudice what results does vaccination bring “.

And right after the announcement of the government’s decision to restrict access to numerous activities only to those who are vaccinated or have a negative swab done in the last 72 hours, Piedmont has seen a boom in bookings. Starting from 20 yesterday, there has been a doubling in the trend of new daily memberships to the vaccination campaign. At 6 pm yesterday, there were about 10 thousand new members, in line with the daily average of the previous days. But starting at 20 the trend doubled and the day ended with almost 19 thousand new members.

From Forza Nuova to the left of the common goods, from where the anti-vaccinists arrive in the square in Turin

by Carlotta Rocci

July 23, 2021

Even today the trend is confirmed on the rise and at 12 noon there are currently 9,389 new subscriptions (yesterday at the same time there were 4,611). By way of example, yesterday between 9 and 10 there were 894 new members, today in the same time slot there were 2,133.

Meanwhile, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo is expected for Sunday and Monday: on Sunday he will be in Sestriere to inaugurate the exhibition on the Olympics and meet the mayors with whom to address the theme of the winter ski season. Then on Monday he will be in Turin. “We will present to the government commissioner or our Safe School Plan. Advance that all children belonging to the age group 12-19 will be given the opportunity to be vaccinated without reservation “.

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