Salvini gets vaccinated, Meloni: “I’ll do it”. But on the green pass they remain against

Salvini gets vaccinated, Meloni: “I’ll do it”. But on the green pass they remain against
Salvini gets vaccinated, Meloni: “I’ll do it”. But on the green pass they remain against

“The appeal not to get vaccinated is an appeal to die, or to have someone die”. The words of the premier, Mario Draghi, who thus announced the Covid 19 decree law with the introduction from 6 August of the mandatory green pass to participate in most social activities in public places, were enough because the number of vaccination requests increased. rallied throughout Italy, starting with Milan. It ranges from 15 to 200%. Polls claim that the majority of the electorate is in favor. But there are also the no vax demonstrations.

Forza Italia continues to repeat the slogan “responsibility”, and Mariastella Gelmini, Anna Maria Bernini and the health manager of the Azzurri, Andrea Mandelli, are among the first to celebrate the good news of vaccines on the rise. “Those who contest the green pass are wrong, it is a step towards the return to freedom,” said Licia Ronzulli, FI’s manager of relations with allies. The surprise is that among the converts there is the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, who got vaccinated at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. He launched an appeal: «Vaccines save lives, I urge everyone to be safe. I do not force anyone, but no one will ever convince me that 12-year-olds must be vaccinated ». Incandescent tones against the green pass by Giorgia Meloni, who speaks of Draghi’s “disturbing” “words of terror” from Fdi’s opposition. The prime minister provokes: “Are the European countries that advise against vaccinating children and adolescents therefore inviting the population to die?”. Again: «Economic measure that devastates our tourism. Picked up the rule of law ». But on a personal level he reassures: “I vaccinate and I am not no vax”.

The League’s line is quite different. Salvini asks “not to limit the Italians who do not have the green pass” and claims as a Northern League result that “it is not required for transport or to work”, which is instead a reason for dispute by the new Fdi Lucio Malan, who for these contradictions between public places and public transport defines the measure as “irrational and unjust”. At the moment the Northern League torchlight procession against the green pass next Wednesday in Rome is also confirmed.

Satisfaction prevails in the center and on the left. The Speaker of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, is studying how to apply the rule to deputies, as suggested by the Pd Alessia Morani. From Iv Maria Elena Boschi asks the President of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati, to do the same. Matteo Renzi defines “surreal the position of a part of the union opposed to the green pass.” The convergence between the CGIL secretary, Maurizio Landini, and that of the League irritates the leader of IV.

Salvini announced the vax turn in his own way, posting a photo with coffee and QR code in one corner. The Northern League ministers then opened a fight over the discos. Given that even the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, declared that he would have had more courage in experimenting with the openings, the League was not far behind. “We believe that there are no longer any dangerous conditions for open-air discos” the note by Giancarlo Giorgetti, Erika Stefani and Massimo Garavaglia. A quarrel, albeit minor, just on the day when Draghi has to face the siege of M5S on justice. On the same line, from the opposition, Carlo Fidanza and Francesco Lollobrigida of Fdi: “The government favors abusive parties.”

Until yesterday’s vaccine, Salvini’s cornerstone was the tweet of July 13th “Buffer vaccine or green pass to enter bars and restaurants, let’s not joke”. Salvini had skipped the June 28 appointment for the court and repeated that he did not want to respect the queue and that he would do so in August. It was an excuse and it was clear. Yesterday he took action.

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