Olympics and Covid: 6 Italian athletes in quarantine, but will compete anyway

Olympics and Covid: 6 Italian athletes in quarantine, but will compete anyway
Olympics and Covid: 6 Italian athletes in quarantine, but will compete anyway

Six Italian boxing, diving and skateboarding athletes are in quarantine at the Tokyo 2020 village. The sportsmen (to which seven managers are added) quarantined today at the Olympic Village for Japanese government procedures are in isolation but continue to train and their situation does not affect participation in competitions.

The decision of the Japanese health authorities, which was communicated to the Organizing Committee and then to Coni, is the consequence of the “close contact” on the plane last July 18 with an Italian journalist who found positive for covid.

The press release from Coni: “Following the ascertained positivity to Covid-19 by an Italian journalist, found on 18 July, this morning the Japanese government, through the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, informed Coni that it had declared 13 people ‘close contacts’ , 6 athletes and 7 officials. The athletes are some representatives of the boxing, diving and skateboarding delegations “.

“This position of ‘close contacts’ – continues the press release from Coni – does not impact on the participation of Italian athletes in the Games as the law provides that they can continue to train and compete by carrying out a molecular swab six hours before competitions”.

“The procedure has already started immediately after the official communication to the Coni – reads the press release – In addition, inside the village the athletes, albeit in fiduciary isolation, will continue to regularly carry out all their preparatory activities for the Olympic competitions following only specific procedural precautions regarding meals and transfers to the competition facilities. Coni is working at the highest levels to guarantee athletes, unfortunately involved in this discomfort not caused by their behavior, the best conditions, including psychological ones, for overcome quickly and without aggravating this particular moment of difficulty. For privacy reasons, Coni will not communicate the names of the athletes involved “.

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