new Icon skin, modes, weapons and more

new Icon skin, modes, weapons and more
new Icon skin, modes, weapons and more

Fortnite updated to version 17.20 this morning. Among the many new features, a new Icon skin and a new weapon

Fortnite’s long-awaited update to version 17.20 has arrived (YouTube screenshot)

A great news that welcomed users this morning on Fortnite: has finally been released update to version 17.20. Many innovations introduced by Epic Games, for a battle royale that continues to update itself to the sound of new weapons, exclusive skins, events and more.

Users have already noticed some of the changes that the software house has added, and there are some crazy ones! Besides new loading screens and changes in Loadout, a surprise was added new Icon skin, an exclusive mode e a weapon never seen before. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Fortnite, Bugha and the Grab-Itron weapon arrive: the news of 17.20

From this morning, users can upgrade Fortnite at the version 17.20. Among the main innovations we find a new loading screen very colorful and pleasant to see, but also a new one setting dedicated to Loadout. It is now possible to customize the type of items to be placed in the various slots of your inventory. But the most interesting addition is undoubtedly the arrival of the skin in Bugha within the Icon Series. The champion of the Fortnite World Cup 2019 it will also have a called mode Late Game Arena, coming soon in the playlist selection screen.

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Other great skins are added too, such as the Pepper Thrones e Guildeguy. Finally a new alien weapon: the Gravity Gun Grab-Itron. Of purple rarity, it should arrive within the next few days within the game island. Finally the creative mode, where the Non-Mortal Knockout Device and the Flying Saucer Device.


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