“I vaccinated by choice”. Dragons? “Hard words with me” – Corriere.it

“I vaccinated by choice”. Dragons? “Hard words with me” – Corriere.it
“I vaccinated by choice”. Dragons? “Hard words with me” – Corriere.it
from Cesare Zapperi

The leader of the League: «I understand those who complain about the pass. We don’t have the numbers to block the decision But we will avoid further unacceptable obligations “

Segretario, how is it that he made the first dose of vaccine right after the introduction of the Green pass by the government? Were you afraid of not being able to go to the Papeete?
“But no, let’s not joke, the vaccination was booked in time, you can’t decide overnight …” replies the leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini.

She was against the Green Pass but the Cabinet approved it.
«And I remain against it. We have tried to limit the damage that would have arisen in the case of extensive application (in bars, on trains, in workplaces). We would have taken away civil rights from 30 million people. We will see in 15 days ».

The Northern League opposition has not stopped Draghi.
«The president made this choice in agreement with Speranza. We would have acted differently. Unlike the 5 Stars who threaten and then do nothing, if we have something to say we say it aloud but we do not jeopardize the balance ».

Draghi was very hard on her. Was he upset?
“I was negatively surprised. But I don’t want to comment on his words ».

Did you feel after that release?
«No, I had heard it before the Council of Ministers and we had talked amiably on many issues. If he had any remarks to make, he could tell me on the phone and not through a press conference. “

And yet you have been the most “dragonian” of the majority so far.
“Mah. One day Letta almost calls me a murderer because I said that a citizen of Voghera has the right to defend himself if he is attacked. The next day, even if I am not a No Vax, I see myself blamed that I do not have. Even enough, I would say … ».

Was your no to the green pass not considered?
“We were the only ones to oppose in the Council of Ministers. We don’t have the numbers to block the decision. We have filed our dissent and now we are waiting to see how the situation will evolve ».

On her social pages, many supporters accuse her of not blocking everything.
«I understand the many who complain. I tell them to have faith, we will not change our minds and we will always fight to protect the freedom of choice and to avoid unacceptable obligations (for example at school) ”.

She will not like the green pass, but yesterday the vaccination rush started. Maybe it was a useful move.
«I am for the freedom of choice. As a vaccine, I don’t want to impose anything on anyone. If many have decided to undergo the vaccination, I am happy for them. However, we are careful of the contraindications ».

What are you referring to?
«I spent the day on the phone with entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, managers of travel agencies worried about the collapse of bookings. Trade associations have also raised the alarm. Are we sure that we are not doing damage? ».

This is what those who take to the streets and speak of health dictatorship think.
«But note that the one who manifests is not No Vax. I know many people who are vaccinated who oppose restrictions and who advocate freedom of choice. On Wednesday in Rome there will be many to make their voices heard. I don’t see what harm they do. I certainly won’t be the one to ghettoize them. And just as surely I don’t want to live in a new Soviet Union. “

Are you always convinced that young people should not be vaccinated?
‘Scientists and the British and German governments advise against the vaccine under the age of 18. And I remember that in Italy only one boy under 20 died due to Covid. Then, if President Draghi wants to impose the vaccination obligation, go to Parliament and we’ll see. I do not agree”.

Do you think that will happen?
“Never gonna happen. We must make the country grow, not waste time. Once the parentheses Zan, Fornero, Ius soli are finished, it’s time to go back to work ».

General Francesco Figliuolo also wants vaccination for young people.
«I have a great consideration for you, but I reveal to you that I have written to him expressing my dissent and attaching the opinion of well-known scientists. He replied assuring me that he would investigate. We see…”.

Was the prime minister right to ask the question of trust on the Cartabia reform?
“The president go ahead. I say things to your face. Of course, reform is only a first step, much more is needed to change justice. But for this very reason we are collecting signatures for six referendums ».

The 5 Stars have presented a thousand amendments. Will it be chaos?
“I do not believe. By the end of next week the reform must be dismissed by Parliament ».

He does not believe in Giuseppe Conte’s “threats”.
“They count less than zero. Half of the grillini just want to make a living ».

But isn’t the former premier the new leader of the 5 Stars?
“If he says ‘let’s get out of the government’, only he and Rocco Casalino remain”.

On the Zan bill your obstructive tactic paid off. Everything is about to slip in late summer.
«We said it: we withdraw all the amendments if the three articles are modified as the Holy Father also requested. Decide what Letta wants. If he remains firm on his current positions and prefers to listen to Fedez, the bill will never see the light. And I consider it a sin ».

We come to the Voghera case. You rushed to defend the Northern League commissioner who fired the fatal gunshot. Weren’t you in a hurry?
“I neither condemn nor absolve anyone. I just said that we may be in the presence of a case of self-defense. Moreover, from the video it emerged that the commissioner was attacked ».

But it is too early to draw conclusions.
“For charity. I only observe that many times the culpable excess of legitimate defense, the hypothesis of a crime for which an investigation has been opened, is resolved in a legitimate defense ».

Do you think it is normal for a councilor to turn with a loaded gun? The policeman did it before, now he does another job.
«In Italy there are one million and 300 thousand people who have a regular firearm license for the most diverse reasons (and I am not among them). The release is up to the police station and the prefecture, I cannot be the judge of who has the requisites to handle weapons ».

The victim was not armed.
“Let’s say that if he had been expelled as he had been willing for some time now we would be here talking about something else.”

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