Spooky Carrefour: a few days to change with Tosano. Jobs kept

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Farewell Carrefour. A Thiene the now former hypermarket of the French group is ready to take over a large local discount brand: Tosano. The French sign, which historically brought the first shopping center to the Alto Vicentino, in fact, at the end of the month – after numerous vicissitudes and attempts to expand the gallery – and in fact yields to a reality in the Triveneta area.

These days the hypermarket is ghostly, with empty shelves and refrigerators, rare customers wandering lost among empty aisles, shelves already dismantled, and tapes pulled to mark the “off limits” areas. Now Tosano will work to change the signs and to restructure the store, and in the meantime the workers of Carrefour will be training in the Cornedo, Costabissara and Cassola offices.

“For i 137 employees there will be employment continuity – he says Margherita Alvisi from the CGIL – and we are also working to include the so-called induced, that is we are trying to safeguard the five jobs that deal with cleaning and the same number of supervision: in fact, these are ten people who are employees of companies that had contracted from Carrefour these services, but which have been working locally for about a decade “.

“For Tosano – explains Alvisi – in this sense, this is the first shopping center: from the news that leaked, the sign will directly manage the supermarket, while the company will leave the galleries with private shops to the real estate service. Suppose it will take a few months before the shopping center can reopen, and we are making sure that part-time workers (especially mothers with children) are not temporarily assigned to locations that are too far away ”. “We asked that the proximity of the training center be guaranteed to workers who had requested it – specifies the general secretary Filcams Fabio la Russa -. Eventually we hope that a procedure can be opened for the Cig with the reason for the restructuring “.

The handover to Thiene, after the Carrefour group, in distress, had attempted the way of doubling the shopping mall, which was then stopped by the Province and the Region. “The world of large distribution throughout Italy – he adds Luca Marino, contact person for Carrefour within Uiltucs – is undergoing a major transformation because consumption is moving towards discount stores. It is difficult for large brands to remain competitive on large surfaces “. Thus, the French brand has changed its strategy: farewell to large surfaces to focus on proximity formats (it recently inaugurated a new Express store in the center of L’Aquila). And he is not alone: ​​the large French groups are withdrawing from the Vicenza area, as the Auchan case also demonstrates ”. Fortunately, here the takeover of local brands (Emisfero-Unicomm in the Auchan Vicenza case, Tosano in the Carrefour case) has contained the problem of job losses.


Spooky Carrefour days change Tosano Jobs

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