How to watch the Olympics on TV or in streaming

How to watch the Olympics on TV or in streaming
How to watch the Olympics on TV or in streaming

The Tokyo 2020 Games have officially opened. The opening ceremony of the Olympics in the capital of Japan has kicked off the rich calendar of matches, competitions and meetings which until August 8 will award more than a thousand medals in 339 different sports disciplines. There are several ways to follow the XXXII edition of one of the most important events of all time, from streaming platforms to television (satellite or digital). The services to see the companies of the most anticipated athletes and the scheduled events are offered with different prices and coverage depending on the choice.

Rai coverage

Rai’s public service will guarantee total coverage of approximately 200 hours of live broadcast from Japan. The channel selected as the “Olympic network” is Rai 2, which will broadcast the main scheduled events, chosen daily. Programs such as Friday at midnight have been included in the schedule, Go Tokyo, which anticipates the broadcasts that will follow one another throughout the day. The lineup will be anticipated by Record, which tells the personal stories of athletes. The complete programming will last from 1:30 am to 5:15 pm, and the only interruptions from Japan are the spaces for information. On the sidelines of the Olympic day will be broadcast Tokyo Best of, which collects the best moments of the races. From Monday to Friday, however, there will be The Circle of the Rings, special with Alessandra De Stefano, Sara Simeoni and Juri Chechi. On Radio 1 there will be the news within the program All the Olympics minute by minute.

In streaming o via satellite

In terms of streaming platforms, this time it will not be possible to watch the Olympics on RaiPlay. To see them online you will need to subscribe to one of the Discovery, Discovery + or Eurosport Player channels, which have obtained all the rights for streaming. The two service channels of the American group essentially offer the same thing: 3,000 hours of live coverage on 30 live channels, with the same programs, journalists and commentators. In addition to the dedicated apps and websites, where it will be possible to transmit images directly to the TV, Discovery + will also be available on Amazon Prime Video and Tim Vision (as long as you are subscribed to the service, which costs 7.99 euros. for the monthly and 29.90 euros for the annual).

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