Advances Brave and Beautiful, secret revealed: chaos in the city

A secret will jeopardize the tranquility of the city: all the previews of Brave and Beautiful from Monday 26 July


From Monday 26 to Friday 30, new episodes of Brave and Beautiful, as usual at 14:45 on Channel 5. According to the previews of the new week of episodes, Fugen he is in the woods in difficulty and loses his way back. In a panic, she is found by Tahsin who helps her and brings her home from Brave. During the marriage between Sirin e Kamal there is a twist: someone is accused of being a assassin.

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The pregnancy of Cahide risks being jeopardized by a sudden news, therefore Kohran ask to Dream to take care of Cahide. The latter does not willingly accept this unsolicited help and immediately sets the record straight: missteps are not allowed.

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Advances Brave and Beautiful, Bulent’s terrible discovery


Brave finally finds an agreement with the peasants of Tahsin and buys their lands. Once purchased, he informs his associates that that piece will be used for the production of pumpkin seed oil. Meanwhile, Tahsin he is busy with his marriage: his bride will be Justice. However, her choice creates a real split within the family, there are those who do not look favorably on the chosen one.

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Once the wedding is celebrated, Justice try in every way to get closer to Suhan. On the other side of the city, meanwhile, Bulent discovers that Dream did not keep his secret: Turan he knows that the child who is expecting Bulent it’s his.


Advances Brave Beautiful secret revealed chaos city

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