weeds burn in via di Salone

weeds burn in via di Salone
weeds burn in via di Salone

July 23, 2021 4:44 pm

East Rome still burns. On the afternoon of Friday 23 July, the wind fueled the tongues of fire in a fire that involved the firefighters and civil protection volunteers of Rome, in via di Salone, near La Rustica station.

To work to get the better of the flames the barrel of the garden service of the advanced command post of the civil protection of Rome Capital, with six following of volunteers with a lot of pickups and five vehicles of the firefighters. The rescuers, after three hours of work, put out the fire and from about 5:40 pm they began the extinguishing maneuvers.

A new fire in east Rome

La Rustica is the second fire in two days. Yesterday, about 7 kilometers away, the flames set off an entire quadrant, the one between Ponte di Nona and Colle degli Abeti. In that case the residents, with the black smoke and tongues of fire that licked their homes, had to use buckets and pipes from their homes to ward off the flames.

East Rome, after the fire the anger against the Municipality: “We are waiting for them on the electoral catwalks”


weeds burn Salone

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