The “no-pass” people take to the streets: from Rome to Catania is the day of anger

The “no-pass” people take to the streets: from Rome to Catania is the day of anger
The “no-pass” people take to the streets: from Rome to Catania is the day of anger

“Do not call us no vax, we are free vax, we want to be able to choose whether to vaccinate or not”. In the name of a freedom that risks wrecking the entire anti-covid Italian plan, the new transversal party this afternoon after 5 pm will fill the squares of thirty Italian cities, including Rome, Milan, Florence. And Turin, where on Thursday evening there was a sort of dress rehearsal with 2,500 people gathered without a mask to oppose the green pass in the so-called «No fear day».

Since a square does not fill up in five minutes, despite the social tam tam, who is behind the anti green pass movement? Who are the people who accuse the government of a new “health dictatorship” and warn about the beginning of the “new Apartheid of the unvaccinated”? The promoters of the demonstrations belong to the World wide demonstration, a worldwide mobilization network that is spurring the citizens of Europe and around the world to protest in the streets “against the slavery passport, against the Covid scam and against the new dictatorship”. They are the same ones who on March 20 in Bologna did not care about restrictions and distances and organized the “walk for freedom” against the decree law on anti Covid measures calling it “a bogey without legal relevance”.

And they are the same people who met at the Valentino park in Turin on May 15th to protest against the use of masks. Or that fueled the IoApro campaign to defend merchants destroyed by restrictions.

It is a heterogeneous movement, political and otherwise, made up of extremists on both sides. In the square there were sympathizers of Forza Nuova, Casa Pound and exponents of the Orange Vests of Antonio Pappalardo, the former general of the Carabinieri who always spoke of the pandemic as “a boiata”. Together with them holistic movements and convinced anti vaccinists. In short, all those who in the past months have identified themselves in the “no mask, no global, no Antifa, no lockdown” campaigns. And now no green pass. And for heaven’s sake, now they don’t want to be called deniers but their “no” have been repeated for three waves of infection and are ready to be reiterated now that we are on the eve of the fourth.

On alert the police, who are preparing to face the mega rally in the thirty Italian cities. It will be up to them to ensure that there are no episodes of violence, that the activities of the traders near the protest square are respected and, paradoxically, also that a modicum of anti-contagion measures are respected. However, it is to be imagined that today there will not be many masks in circulation. The hope is that everything will go smoothly and that the clashes in the twin demonstrations in France and England will not be repeated.

The tension is a lot and to realize it just take a look at the social networks where the clash between vaccinists and non-vaccinists has reached peaks never seen in a year and a half of pandemic.

Those who take to the streets today are also those who write posts of solidarity “to the sacrificial victims of a criminal system”, in spite of the science that finds no correlation between post-vaccine deaths and the vaccine itself. And he fears a new “health nazism on the skin of the vaccine guinea pigs.” For the more politicized, the model is the French one of “popular resistance and the war against oppression”. “United we win,” the protesters say. Surely now “united” is feeding the fourth wave of viruses.

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