Lombardy, Emilia and Friuli orange zone? Tomorrow color map, little hope for Campania

Lombardy, Emilia and Friuli orange zone? Tomorrow color map, little hope for Campania
Lombardy, Emilia and Friuli orange zone? Tomorrow color map, little hope for Campania

Like every week, on Friday we will know the new anti-Covid color map of the Italian regions. Last week the transition from red to orange took place in Veneto, Marche is the province of Trento. Since the infections show some signs of slowing down this time too Regions of weight such as Lombardy they hope for a “downgrade” in the orange band, while the situation in Campania is much more complicated, where the indices are still in the red zone. The data on new infections and the level of intensive therapies that will mature in the next few days will be decisive, as well as, of course, the Rt index, or the level of speed of spread of the virus. Some hope is also spreading in Emilia Romagna and Friuli. The first yesterday recorded just 576 positives out of over 32,000 swabs carried out, the second reported 286 new cases out of 7,000 tests. Objectively low figures, even if never as in these occasions the old saying holds true that a swallow does not make a spring. The level of infections will be confirmed in the coming days and the data will be purified from the effect of the Easter holidays that inevitably alter the observed samples.

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Orange zone, what changes

Important as it is, the transition from “red” to “orange” is not a revolution. As is well known by now, bars and restaurants remain closed as they can only work for take-away, restaurants until 10 pm and bars until 6 pm Even for second homes it changes little. Those in one’s own Region are always reachable, in others it is necessary to inquire about the ordinances of individual presidents because, for example, those of Tuscany and Campania in the Easter period prohibited the holiday home to non-residents in the Region. Sardinia has extended the “filters” (buffer and registration to the Sardegna Sicura app) to those who land on the island until the end of April. In any case, you cannot receive friends in the holiday homes, who can if you have to enjoy them with the cohabiting members of their family.

The self-declaration form —-> Download the Pdf

Lombardy orange zone? Fontana: “Positive numbers, but I can’t give certainties”

The trade starts again

On the other hand, the difference between red and orange is significant on the trade front because in the lower-end regions clothing and footwear stores and shopping centers can open even on weekdays.

Even on the school, the differences between the red and orange bands are now reduced. The government has in fact decided to allow participation in the presence of students up to sixth grade even in the regions in the red range. Puglia is an exception – where the new wave of the pandemic has come late – which allows families who wish to continue to allow their children to attend school “from a distance”.

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