Milan, Thursday’s illegal motorcycle rodeos in the San Siro square between wheelies and “burnout” –

Milan, Thursday’s illegal motorcycle rodeos in the San Siro square between wheelies and “burnout” –
Milan, Thursday’s illegal motorcycle rodeos in the San Siro square between wheelies and “burnout” –

The motorcycle rally it starts quietly at aperitif time, and ends in a thunderous crescendo of exhausts open to the maximum and without a silencer, acrobatics, wheelies, acceleration in straight lines, burnout with the rear wheel, and other vain exhibitions on two wheels. Not the MotoGP, it’s not the Mugello nights. San Siro, promised land for Milanese centaurs and beyond, who have now chosen piazzale dello Sport and its surroundings as a meeting point for night motorcycle meetings, all strictly unauthorized, with all due respect to the residents dazed by the din (as well as worried about poor road safety), and with Thursday evening chosen as a fixed appointment. And the latest response from the Police Headquarters, in fact, arrived on Thursday 22 July. To coordinate the service (which was also attended by carabinieri, financial police and local police) the state the staff of the Bonola police station, which organized checks, as well as in the square between the stadium and the hippodrome, also along Viale Federico Caprilli and Via Palatino and Harar. Near the chiringuito under the rings of the Meazza there were about 500 people, and at least 350 motorcycles, mostly road racing cars.

Between eight in the evening and midnight they were 95 vehicles and 120 people controlled. The suspension was ordered for four vehicles, while one ended up under administrative seizure. In total, there are 22 penalties for traffic violations formalized by agents, who have withdrawn two driving licenses (and as many registration papers) for various irregularities.

The first signs of San Siro transformed into a pole of attraction for speed lovers have arrived already during the Serie A championship When – during the matches that were played behind closed doors – some police teams, present to ensure public order anyway, were sent to check the reports of disturbing noises from the surrounding areas. There is even talk of the beginning of October 2020. A phenomenon born spontaneously, according to the information collected by the investigators, and then grown thanks to social word of mouth, to become a summer fashion.

Since then the situation has been becoming more and more striking with the arrival of summer, until peak of 500 people estimated on Thursday evening. Wide, long and clear avenues. Little traffic (especially in the time available) and a lot of space to exploit. The area, in fact, lends itself to being the scene of motorcycle rodeos in the metropolitan version, between the villas and the elegant condominiums of the elegant part of San Siro. According to information gathered by the police, it is not for clandestine competitions or bets: the rodeos on Thursday are, more than anything else, gatherings of enthusiasts, who do their utmost in motorcycling evolutions or who watch the stunts of the most skilled. Speed ​​maniacs and race bikes prevail even if – according to the police – the parking lots in the shadow of the Scala del Calcio are also floors of scooters, mopeds, enduro motorcycles, even Harley Davidson, whose lovers usually have little in common with the people of the speed bike.

By June (day 3), 150 people had already been identified, while in the course of the intervention which took place on the first evening of July (also on Thursday) there were 92. Despite the checks, the meetings went on, and with them the reports of the citizens.

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