“I’ve been drinking whiskey since I was 12.” Audio-shock appears ten years after his death

“I’ve been drinking whiskey since I was 12.” Audio-shock appears ten years after his death
“I’ve been drinking whiskey since I was 12.” Audio-shock appears ten years after his death

Exactly ten years after the death of Amy Winehouse, which occurred on 23 July 2011 for a poisoning by alcohol, an audio recording of the great soul performer appears, admitting the seriousness of her addiction. “I started drinking whiskey at 12 and haven’t stopped since,” says the singer on the tape obtained by the tabloid “Sun”. The recording dates back to 2003, shortly after the release of the album “Frank”.

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The audio: “I drink every day”

“I love Jack Daniel’s. I love it, it’s yummy. I drink every day, but not always Jack Daniel’s. But I’ve been drinking it for something like eight years. It happens when you are young and you want to be a little more drunk than anyone else, and you drink whiskey. You know how it happens when you’re a little girl. ‘ In the audio, Amy also admits that she has a soft spot for vodka.

The revelation comes within a week of declaring Amy’s father, Mitch, who had hoped that his daughter would be remembered for her achievements, and for the charities organized in her honor. His mission, he had always told the “Sun”, would be to make sure that people always remember Amy “for the talent, generosity and love she had shown to all of us, and not just for her problems, addictions. “.

The death of the singer

The singer’s parents, Mitch and mother Janis, founded the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which aims to fight substance abuse among young people. Among the initiatives put in place by the foundation, Amy’s Place, a refuge where sixteen young women are hosted at a time, to help them in the path of rehabilitation and reintegration into daily life. The royalties from the royalties largely cover the needs of the parents and their charitable initiative, as Amy Winehouse’s songs continue to be highly regarded and heard. However, Mitch specified, “I would give back every penny to get my daughter back.” It is estimated that, with just two albums to date, 20 million records have been sold.

Amy Winehouse grew up in a Jewish family, Mitch was a taxi driver and her mother Janis a pharmacist. The couple divorced when the future singer was ten, in 1993. Amy soon became a rebel, and it is said that she went so far as to pierce her nose herself to get a piercing.

Among the initiatives to remember the singer ten years after her death, there is also a documentary that will be broadcast on the second BBC channel, “Reclaiming Amy”, in which the parents also participate. A stylist friend of the artist remembers: “You felt you had to take it with you and take it to safety somewhere, but it would have been like grabbing a wild cat: it would have scratched your eyes off.”


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