Vaccines, no more dictatorship and no green pass, the Resistance has begun

Vaccines, no more dictatorship and no green pass, the Resistance has begun
Vaccines, no more dictatorship and no green pass, the Resistance has begun

Vaccines, enough dictatorship and no to the green pass, the Resistance has begun, sit-in, torchlight processions and protests in Rome

by Romatoday

The tam tam on Telegram, in groups called “Enough dictatorship” and “No to the green pass”, the list of cities that is getting longer, the increasingly fiery comments: even in Rome the protest against the institution of the green pass obligation starting from 6 August, a provision that confirms the government’s line in the days when coronavirus cases and outbreaks increase. That is, without a vaccine, a negative swab or an ascertained cure, social life must necessarily be limited to avoid other closures.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi said it bluntly Thursday evening, adding that “the appeal not to get vaccinated is an appeal to die”. And with the formalization of the mandatory green pass, the protests of recent days have begun to mount, culminating in a series of demonstrations.

Compulsory green pass, protests

The first, the one that in these hours runs mostly on Telegram, is the one that is promoted on Facebook on the “No green pass now enough” page and which would be pushed by the “National no green pass movement”. Convened for Saturday 24 July in dozens of Italian cities, Rome also stands out on the list: appointment at 17.30 in Piazza del Popolo to protest against the obligation of green certification.

The C-19 home therapy group, which includes “citizens and doctors who have mobilized on Facebook to request timely home therapy of covid19 in every region” has instead organized a demonstration against the mandatory green pass for July 27 at 12.30 in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, Lungotevere Ripa, “to deliver the signatures of the petition addressed to Speranza and ask for the participation of the doctors of the scientific council of the committee in the revision of home care protocols”.

Another demonstration was organized for July 28, this one again in Piazza del Popolo, with a sit-in and a torchlight procession promoted with the slogan “Free to choose”.

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Vaccines dictatorship green pass Resistance begun

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