I took 108 crafty ones in Rome, they give half a million euros

I took 108 crafty ones in Rome, they give half a million euros
I took 108 crafty ones in Rome, they give half a million euros

They had applied for and obtained the citizenship income but in reality they were cheating the state. They all worked and lived in the wealthiest areas of Rome. Incomplete or false declarations had made it possible to obtain the subsidy without being entitled to it. A damage of half a million euros for the INPS. A maxi investigation by the carabinieri made it possible to find 108 crafty citizens of citizenship income. All denounced in a state of freedom will now have to compensate the state. The agents were suspicious of a series of strange new car registrations. Associated with these also various declarations of residence in Italy, which later turned out to be false. An investigation that lasted six months which allowed the Carabinieri of the Parioli company directed by Alessandro De Venezia and coordinated by the Rome prosecutor’s office to find 108 crafty citizens of citizenship income. A very well-assorted audience which included almost all workers of the “good” Rome. There were a number of people who acted as caregivers for the elderly of very wealthy families, the doorman of a building, an au pair and even a man already known to the police for criminal association. Most of the crafty ones involved are all foreigners.

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The income cunning, how they acted

They all acted more or less in the same way: when filling in the form certifying the requirements, it was enough to omit some details, or to declare their continuous residence in Italy when this was not the case. And the game was done. In a couple of cases the crafty ones had managed to set aside as much as 20 thousand euros. A tried and tested system that made them feel so safe that someone had decided to buy a new car. It is precisely from some suspicious registrations that the investigations have started. From the subsequent checks carried out it was discovered that they all received the citizenship income, from there the cross-checks to actually verify that the requirements were there. The Carabinieri thus discovered that «the statements provided in the request for the use of citizenship income were all false. They had omitted or rather falsified necessary information, such as those relating to their stay in the Italian State, for which they would not have had the right or the fact of having been subjected to interdiction measures in the past ”, explain the investigators. In the six-month investigation, it emerged that those who benefited from the Citizenship Income lived in the more affluent areas of Rome. The carabinieri, in fact, tracked them down among the Parioli, Salario, Triesta, viale Libia, viale Eritrea, the Nomentano and the area of ​​piazza Bologna.

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The damage

It all started with a series of INPS reports that had noticed how 108 people had obtained the benefit unduly, accumulating an unjust profit and an equal tax damage of approximately 450,000 euros. In one case, a couple of people had set aside as much as 20,000 euros each. The investigations by the Carabinieri, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome, made it possible to ascertain that the benefit received to date will be immediately suspended on the basis of the undue perception of the Citizenship Income. There will then be a request for compensation for the damage caused to the state coffers.



crafty Rome give million euros

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