Olympics, Butini launches Italy: ‘But the Games are not the Europeans’

Olympics, Butini launches Italy: ‘But the Games are not the Europeans’
Olympics, Butini launches Italy: ‘But the Games are not the Europeans’

After the rain of medals in Budapest from tomorrow the first Azzurri in the race. The coach: “Budapest gave us the push, but here’s another story”

From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

23 July
– Tokyo (Japan)

The test of 3. Will Italy in swimming be able to improve the tally of 3 Rio 2016 medals from tomorrow? The high expectations will be immediately put to the tests with the first Azzurri in the race, while Alessandro Miressi gives way to Santo Condorelli in the 50sl and (predictably) Simona Quadarella will not swim the 400sl to concentrate on 800 and 1500. The Sydney 2000 medal record is 3 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronzes. This Italy, so rampant and complete around the super aces Pellegrini & Paltrinieri, has many arrows to shoot. Tomorrow at 12 Italian, 19 local time, the first Azzurri in the race will be Alberto Razzetti and Pier Andrea Matteazzi in the 400 mixed heats, Ilaria Bianchi and Elena Di Liddo in the 100 butterfly, Gabriele Detti and Marco De Tullio in the 400 freestyle, Ilaria Cusinato and Sara Franceschi in the 400 medley, Nicolò Martinenghi and Federico Poggio in the 100 breaststroke.

The impact

The impact with the matches of the first day usually gives the picture of how the Azzurri are: 5 years ago in Rio, Gabriele Detti started with a bronze (and then repeated it in the 1500s behind Greg Paltrinieri’s gold). Coach Cesare Butini, says: “We played the pre-Olympic collegiate at the same site that brought us closer to the Gwangju World Cup. The boys are determined and well prepared. There is great enthusiasm and desire to start. The team is united and made up half by rookies at the Olympics and the other half by athletes who wish to confirm the prestigious results obtained by the Rio de Janeiro Games ”.


The youngest of the group and of the entire Italian delegation is Giulia Vetrano, 15, a veteran of the junior Europeans in the 400 and 800 sl. The captain is Federica Pellegrini, 33 years old on 5 August, like 5 are the Olympic participations. In addition to Greg and Fede, Quadarella and Detti, they are Miressi in the 100 sl, Martinenghi in the 100 breaststroke, Margherita Panziera in the 200 backstroke, Martina Carraro and Benny Pilato in the 100 breaststroke and at least two relays (4×100 sl and 4×200, fourth at the World Championships, to ignite the enthusiasm: “It will be a different Olympics from the previous ones – resumes Butini – due to the precautions taken to prevent Covid contagion. We illustrated to the children all the difficulties they could encounter; we invited them to isolate themselves as much as possible. possible, concentrate exclusively on the competitions and avoid distractions. “After the 5 golds, 9 silvers and 13 bronzes of the European Championships in May, there is really a lot of anticipation:” Budapest has given us a further push to continue training with determination, aware that the path taken up to that moment was right. But now we are at the Olympics; the United States, Australia, China and other leading swimming countries come into play. ve. A few cents will make the difference between the podium and a finish in the final that would be very prestigious. I would like to emphasize this, because the value of a team is not dictated by medals but by performance ”.

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Olympics Butini launches Italy Games Europeans

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