Wednesday 28 July 11 am in Piazza Lima Milan will commemorate the Bicentenary of Peru’s independence

Milan will commemorate the Bicentenary of Peru’s independence on Wednesday 28 July ’21 at 11.00 in Piazza Lima, Municipality 3 of Milan, with a commemorative ceremony in which high-ranking officials will be present Institutional and the most representative authorities of the city. A celebration that will be opened by the intonation of the hymns and the march for honors to the flags and which has a highly symbolic meaning. Two hundred years ago the entire continent of South America acquired freedom thanks to the exploits of José Francisco de San Martín, a valiant Argentine general, who entered Lima on 28 July 1821 proclaiming the independence of Peru. In his honor, three commemorative plates will be placed in Piazza Lima that evoke the color of the Peruvian flag, an expression of respect and great friendship between the Italian and South American people, of openness and welcome, of cultural and economic integration. The reception between the countries was however mutual, in fact in the years from 1881 to 1911 over 5 million Italian citizens left their lands and went to South America, becoming a particularly large community on the continent, today the second after the Spanish one. . The celebration will take place in the square that bears the name of the Peruvian capital thanks to the Mayor Ettore Ponti who in 1906, on the occasion of the Universal Expo, wished to remember and commemorate such a strong bond with the South American country, calling it Piazza Lima. The event is organized by Federation of the Peruvian Community in Europe – Italy (FECOPE) and the Rotary Club Milano Porta Venezia District 2041 through its Presidents Martin Lopez e Rodolfo rivera respectively, shared and strongly desired by the Municipality of Milan Municipio 3 and with the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in Peru, the Consulate General of Peru in Milan, the Sanmartiniano Institute in Italy.

Mery Azman |

Municipal Councilor 3

the municipality of Milan


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