Italy at the Olympics, the results of the Azzurri: rowing, four sculls in the final

Third day at the Tokyo Games, with many Azzurri protagonists: four of a male couple in the final in rowing, Mauro also passes the turn in the single. Four of the female pair to recover, Ondoli-Patelli in the semifinal A / B in the two of pair. In archery, Rebagliati 10th in the women’s individual ranking round, Nespoli 24th in the men’s one


A Tokyo it is the day of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. However, he competed with many azzurri already protagonists. here are the results of the Italians in the race Friday 23 July.

Rowing, the men’s four in the final

Next the four sculls composed of Giacomo Gentili, Andrea Panizza, Luca Rambaldi and Simone Venier he finished his battery behind Poland for only three cents, still managing to get the pass for the final to which he will present himself with concrete medal hopes.

Rowing, Di Mauro 2nd in the single heats

In the waters of the Sea Forest Waterway, the rowing batteries have begun. The first to compete for Italy was Gennaro Alberto di Mauro In the single male: closed its battery at second place, behind the Danish Den Nielsen, and passed the turn.

Rowing, two of women’s pairs in the A / B semifinal

Chiara Ondoli and Alessandra Patelli, with the third place in battery behind Romania and Canada, they managed to conquer the semifinal A / B of the two pair

Rowing, four of the female pair to recover

It will go to the recoveries the four of female couple blue formed by Stefania Gobbi, Veronica Lisi, Alessandra Montesano and Valentina Iseppi, third behind China and Poland.

Archery: women’s ranking round, Italy 8th

Italy has closed eighth the women’s ranking round. On the shooting range of the ‘Yumenoshima Park Archery Field’ each athlete shot a total of 72 arrows, to determine the seeding of the five knockout boards of the competitions of the Japanese Games. Tatiana Andreoli, Lucilla Boari and Chiara Rebagliati they finished the test with 1936 points, overtaken in the last round by Taipei. Now challenge with Great Britain in the second round and possible crossing with super Korea in the quarters. In the individual ranking the best of the blue was Rebagliati, tithe. In 23 / o place Boari, only 52 / to Andreoli. Andreoli will challenge the French Linda Barbelin (13th with 654) on Friday 29 July at 1/32, in the same afternoon there could be a match between the Italians Lucilla Boari and Chiara Rebagliati at 16th. The first will challenge the Polish Sylwia Zyzanska and the second the Swedish Christine Bjerendal: if both pass the round it will be derby.

The ranking

  • 1 Republic of Korea 2032
  • 2 Mexico 1976
  • 3 United States 1970
  • 4 Japan 1957
  • 5 China 1952
  • 6 ROC 1945
  • 7 Chinese Taipei 1937
  • 8 Italy 1936
  • 9 Great Britain 1916
  • 10 Germany 1909
  • 11 Ukraine 1889
  • 12 Belarus 1882


Archery, Nespoli 24th in the men’s ranking round

Mauro Nespoli is 24° at the end of the ranking round with a total of 658 points and will challenge the Slovenian Ziga Ravnikar in the first round. The archer from Voghera ends up in the fourth of the draw led by the Korean Kim Je Deok, n.1 in the seeding with his 688 points in qualification. 2nd was the American Brady Ellison with 682, followed by the other Koreans Oh Jin Hyek (681) and Kim Woojin (680). Nespoli will shoot on July 27th at 1/32 with the Slovenian Ravnikar (41 °).

Archery, Italy 11th in the Mixed Team Event

The Azzurri close in 11^ piazza at the end of the qualifications for the Mixed Team Event. Italy in the round of 16 against Holland, then a hypothetical fourth with the winner of the match between Japan and France. Azzurri in the lower part of the scoreboard, with a possible semi-final against the United States, Russia or Turkey. The couple, barring surprises, should be made up of Chiara Rebagliati and Mauro Nespoli.


Italy Olympics results Azzurri rowing sculls final

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