Hamilton-Verstappen, Domenicali: “Sporting tension is part of the game” – Formula 1

Hamilton-Verstappen, Domenicali: “Sporting tension is part of the game” – Formula 1
Hamilton-Verstappen, Domenicali: “Sporting tension is part of the game” – Formula 1

The British Grand Prix, held last weekend at Silverstone, will enter the history of Formula 1 by right. Originally the reason should have been ‘only’ the first Sprint Qualifying, but the first lap of the ‘traditional’ race of Sunday changed the order of priorities. The first page was in fact forcibly claimed by theaccident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the Copse corner. The two title contenders met, with the Dutchman who flew into the gravel while his direct rival managed – despite a penalty – to win the home GP. Inevitably, this episode spawned a ferocious rise in the level of confrontation between Mercedes and Red Bull.

Silverstone: Hamilton ha telefonato a Verstappen

The battle is now without quarter and passes from the track to the stewards’ offices, without neglecting the mutual attacks on the media. The number one of F1 also intervened on the delicate issue, Stefano Domenicali. The former Ferrari team principal experienced similar scenarios on his skin. It was he who in 1998 tried to stem the fury of Michael Schumacher in Spa after the incident with David Coulthard. He also found himself at the top of the Scuderia del Cavallino between 2008 and 2014, when the red arrived three times to compete for the drivers’ title at the last GP. The manager from Imola did not appear at all worried by the level of tension reached by this rivalry, quite the contrary.

Wolff: “Hamilton stretches his elbows, no clear fault”

I am happy to see a championship where the protagonists want to demonstrate their supremacy. The fact that there is this kind of sporting tension is part of the game. We are talking about teams and drivers who are able to control even strong emotional moments. Then, of course, I hope that there are hard-fought races right up to the last corner but that episodes like this won’t happen again”Commented the CEO of F1 during an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport. “Racist slurs in Hamilton? We must not give space to these people, they do not deserve our attention “ concluded, responding to the serious offenses received by the world champion on social media.


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