three projects for 559 new housing

three projects for 559 new housing
three projects for 559 new housing

Three projects presented by Roma Capitale within the National Program on Quality of Living, financed by the Recovery Plan, have been approved: the dossiers validated by the Ministry for Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility are the former IIS Don Calabria in via Cardinal Capranica , the former warehouse management of the police station in via del Porto Fluviale and the recovery of the R5 sector in Tor Bella Monaca.

The projects

We are talking about three projects with a total funding of 40 million euros, developed by the offices of the urban planning department – PAU in coordination with the competent municipalities for the area. The Faculty of Architecture de la Sapienza, the Design Department of the Roma Tre University and the Law Department of the LUISS Guido Carli University offered technical consultancy: “The Green Building Council was entrusted with the supervision of the green certification and quality control during the entire process of planning and carrying out the interventions “.

The provision of the council with which the projects were formalized was of last January and at the time it read: “The objective is to promote, encourage and implement, in order to improve the quality of life of citizens, urban regeneration understood in a broad sense and integrated: thus also including social, economic, urban planning and construction aspects, to promote and relaunch territories where situations of hardship are present, favoring forms of co-housing for the sharing of spaces and activities “.

What the three projects foresee

The municipality explains today: “For the former institute Don Calabria in via di Cardinal Capranica the building replacement is planned with the demolition of the former school for the construction of a new residential building for 70 dwellings which will be mainly intended for ERP (Public Residential Building) with minor parts of Social Housing and Cohousing, with the aim of guaranteeing the interaction between common and private spaces. The project involving the former warehouse management of the police station via del Porto Fluviale concerns the recovery and transformation of a listed industrial archeology building, occupied since 2003. The goal is to create a residential building for 53 families with a participatory path, at the same time building a management model with local associations for the management of the common areas, the new public courtyard and the new services that will animate the ground floor. A Tor Bella Monaca the project includes 436 dwellings and concerns the recovery of the share owned by Roma Capitale within the R5 sector, aimed at improving the technological, energy and environmental performance of the property with the simultaneous rethinking of the housing offer and the provision of new services “.

The statements

The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi states: “We are satisfied with this result that rewards the city and the work we are carrying out, especially on fundamental issues such as the right to housing. The three projects presented by Roma Capitale were all admitted to the financing which, as specified by the Ministry, sees the 2.8 billion of the Fund complementary to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) added to the initially planned funds of 400 million euros. The project concerning the Porto Fluviale property , in particular, it is in the selection of the 15 deserving projects at national level “. The Councilor for Urban Planning Luca Montuori adds: “Three different projects that tell about three different ways of recovering and regenerating the public heritage and offering homes and services. I thank the intense work of the offices, of Resources for Rome, of the Municipalities, of the universities. who have contributed with commitment and passion to achieve this goal “. Words also from the Councilor for Heritage Valentina Vivarelli: “With these three projects of Roma Capitale admitted to the financing of the National Program for the quality of living of the Ministry for Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, the Capitoline administration is going to affect the quality of life of citizens in terms of new homes, new services and common spaces. A new vision of the city that wants to overcome the emergency and give ample space to programming “.

The president of the VIII Municipality, Amedeo Ciaccheri, also spoke on Facebook: “An opportunity for Ostiense and for the city: national newspapers had already talked about it, and finally the regeneration project for Porto Fluviale is a reality! After years of attempts, we have took up the opportunity of the National Program “Quality of Living” of the Ministry of Infrastructures for an integral regeneration project on the spaces of the former Directorate of the Ministry of Defense in via del Porto Fluviale in Ostiense. , to the Luiss Business School, the Roma Tre University, and the community of Porto Fluviale, the Municipality of Rome 8 brings with this project resources to invest in new and important public functions for the quadrant and a strategic response on the need for new Public Residential Construction . A square for the neighborhood, a market of direct producers, services to be activated, cultural workshops and spaces to multiply the opportunities sociality of this city quadrant “.

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