mysterious discovery in an old cave

mysterious discovery in an old cave
mysterious discovery in an old cave

Some researchers are returning from a study published in the famous journal Current Biology, where the discovery of a mysterious DNA under the floor of a cave. There is talk of a woman, now emerged from the mud and rubble after well 25,000 years. It is thought to have lived during the last ice age along with wolf and bison species for which the genome was similarly sequenced.

DNA of a woman found in an ancient primeval cave

A great discovery was made by the team of scientists who were the first to obtain the important information without the DNA sequencing directly. The ancient genetic line has been recovered thanks to the persistence of the bone material, which is generally indispensable for obtaining an accurate and faithful reconstruction. But this time the experts have relied on Environmental DNA preserved in sediments.

Thanks to the meticulous work of reconstruction and analysis, in fact, the researchers sifted feces and fragments of bones reduced to dust inside the cave of Satsurblia. From the discovery, a group of modern humans still unknown and extinct today emerged. His intervention seems to have been providential for his contribution to the formation of today’s generations of European and Asian peoples. The same goes for the wolf.

In their dedicated article, the researchers report how:

Our results demonstrate that impartial sequencing of ancient sediment DNA can provide genome-wide data that is informative about the ancestry of different groups.“.

A sensational discovery that demonstrates how scientific evolution in the biological field has become increasingly refined and ready to discover the secrets of a dark past.


mysterious discovery cave

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