How Covid revolutionizes the housing market: where to buy now

How Covid revolutionizes the housing market: where to buy now
How Covid revolutionizes the housing market: where to buy now

It is easy to guess that the Covid revolutionized the Italian real estate market. On the other hand, the lockdowns (therefore the obligation to stay indoors) and the pulverization of tourism (therefore the prohibition to leave it, or to reach a second home, or rent one) have changed the habits of life of citizens. : then the choices on where to live and how much and where to travel.

The quarantines have raised reflections on opportunity for a larger house and balcony, many periphery also have been renewed, as well as i city ​​centers yes. I am emptied of the apartments dedicated to Bread & Breakfast. There is also a return to interest in the second houses, which have stirred the debate in the CDM so much in recent months, when it came to resorting to decrees. All of these are trends in the Italian real estate market.

But let’s see what it means, specifically, that the buying and selling of houses has changed a lot with the pandemic.

What are the trends in the real estate market after Covid

First of all it should be emphasized that the real estate market is growing, but the tendency to buy real estate for private use, given the paralysis of tourism. This has also created a two-speed market. Which results in crisi al sud, due to the lower flow of vacationers in the usually more popular areas. Neither Roma he is doing very well. In the capital, in fact, there is a decline in the real estate market which has been going on for years now.

Experts advise to look first to personal interest and then to investment opportunities: where you live, where you want to live and, above all, other logistical issues must be considered by those who are about to take such an important step. The trend is actually to buy to live, not to rent. A part of the population, despite the crisis, has grown rich and is pondering new housing options.

There are also those who have saved up some money – not being able to go out or go on vacation. A house could be an investment to be considered for the accumulated treasure. Another trend concerns a return to second homes, better if not far from the major capitals: considering how much use has been made of smart working in recent months (and how much there will be, here the future of agile work), what is holding back the market for second homes is the fast fiber availability.

What happens with the houses in Milan

A Milan the interest buying a home is very high, but the prices are inaccessible. The requests of the sellers have been made, in recent years, more and more salads and the prices have broken through the ceiling of 6 thousand euros even in areas that were once peripheral but which, to date, appear to be revalued and more interconnected to the fabric of the capital.

The Superbonus also affects everything. Here is what the simplified procedure is and what it consists of.

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