Covid, monitoring data: infections among young people are growing

The national Rt index exceeds the threshold of 1, reaching 1.26 (last week it was 0.91). The weekly incidence also rises, from 19 to 40 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants. These are the data of the weekly monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health on the progress of coronavirus infections in Italy.

“The municipalities with at least one case of Covid grew from 2,267 to 2,958 and the incidence shows that in almost all regions there is a marked growth”. This was stated by the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, at the press conference at the Ministry of Health on the analysis of monitoring data.

“Growth is characterized by 10-19 and 20-29 years and therefore is the younger population which fuels the new cases of the epidemic. Cases are also growing in Italy as in many European countries “.

“The RT projects to 1.55 e the average age is falling of the infection at 25 and the average age of hospitalization in the ICU at 55, ”explained Brusaferro.

“The share of the delta variant and the alpha variant is progressively decreasing. From 5 June to 19 July the map confirms this fact “.

“The incidence has doubled, theimpact on health services it is limited but the delta variant increases and will become dominant, hence – underlined Brusaferro – the importance of completing the vaccination cycle and respecting the distancing measures and the use of masks “.

“One appeal to people over 60 to get vaccinated and also to the over 50s because the hospitalization rates in these groups are not trivial “. Thus the director of prevention of the Ministry of Health Gianni Rezza.

“The increase in vaccinations in progress is fine, but an appeal to be vaccinated must be done precisely to avoid any congestion of the hospital structures when a very contagious variant is circulating”.

“They are studying – said Rezzo – the exemptions from the green pass: for example, those who cannot complete the vaccination course because perhaps they had a severe allergic reaction to the first dose of the vaccine, and there are also other cases that we are studying. There will be a circular in a very short time to get ready on 6 August “.

Virgil News | 07-23-2021 18:24

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Photo source: ANSA

Green Pass, where it is necessary and the fines: the new rules of the decree

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