What anti Covid home care is and why it does not replace the vaccine

What anti Covid home care is and why it does not replace the vaccine
What anti Covid home care is and why it does not replace the vaccine

In about 95 percent of cases, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection, called COVID-19, manifests itself in a mild and moderate form and can be treated at home, even with preventive therapies in subjects at risk – like monoclonal antibodies – to avoid deterioration. Home care, however, for some has become a banner to oppose the vaccine, setting up a battle that makes no sense.

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Just as we do not allow ourselves to argue with aeronautical engineers about the number of blades needed to fly a helicopter, we should maintain the same respect and attitude towards the work of medici e scientists, which for over a year and a half have been constantly working (with immense sacrifices) to get us out of the pandemic and save lives. Nevertheless, all too often ideology, vulgar propaganda, conspiracy and sometimes even mere political interests have taken over; this has prompted many susceptible people to believe they know what is best for themselves or their loved ones against a deadly virus, perhaps after reading up on social networks or the most unreliable of blogs. One of the most distorted consequences of this situation is the birth of the absurd opposition between the anti Covid vaccination and the home care. There are not a few so-called “novax”Who flaunt to the wind the intention not to get vaccinated because there is so much home care to save their lives. Already the fact of confusing the prevention with the care it leaves the time it finds, all the more so considering that also i young people with the mild form risk damage to the heart and blood vessels (this is why virologists underline that it is better not to take the virus yourself), but the noble intentions of home therapies and of those who fight to improve its use have often been bent to the use and consumption of ideology. In this way home care has been transformed into panacea for all ills, which would have saved the lives of over 4.1 million deaths from COVID-19 (128 thousand of which in Italy alone).

As highlighted in the recent report “The path of the patient with Covid-19, from traditional home care to linkage to care with specialist centers” signed by the Italian Society of General Medicine and Primary Care (SIMG) and the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (SIMIT), the COVID-19 is an infection that leads to death beyond the 2 percent of subjects with known symptomatic infection. The following is underlined: “While waiting for mass vaccination to avoid serious illness and access to hospital, home-based care with symptomatic therapies is the cornerstone of the management of patients with COVID-19”. The vaccine is therefore the most precious weapon we have to avoid ending up in hospital and winning the pandemic; after all, it is easy to understand that prevention is much better than cure. In the unfortunate event that you were to get infected, however, in order for home care to have the desired effect, it is essential that the infection be taken. early and treated with the same amount timeliness. As explained by SIMG and SIMIT, we now also have monoclonal antibodies available, another preventive treatment that can be administered at home in vulnerable patients, i.e. those most at risk of developing complications life-threatening infection (e.g. the elderly with comorbilità like hypertension, diabetes, obesity etc etc).

The fact that over 90 percent of positives develop a form dear O moderate of COVID-19 means that the vast majority of them can be safely monitored at home, but some patients still risk significant oxygen desaturation, lungs full of fluids, the infamous cytokine storm and other complications of COVID-19 that must necessarily be treated in the hospital. Unfortunately, they can also occur in young patients who were perfectly healthy before the infection and therefore it is not always possible to predict who will develop them. Home care serves to monitor the vital signs of infected patients, to counteract the symptoms of the infection and prevent it from getting worse, by administering the drugs that doctors deem most appropriate depending on the case. Precisely on this point the legal battle was fought between Ministry of Health, Italian Medicines Agency and the “Covid-19 Home Care Committee“. The famous AIFA note in which they recommended “watchful waiting“And symptomatic treatments (eg with paracetamol) was harshly contested by the committee, which won the first round at the Lazio Regional Administrative Court. Subsequently, however, the Council of State reinstated the aforementioned note. The clash was fought above all on the fact that although doctors were not precluded from adopting the therapy deemed most suitable for each patient, there would still have been a deviation from the AIFA guideline and therefore ataking responsability by the doctor, with all the potential consequences of the case.

In the AIFA note, the drugs recommended for home care are mainly listed paracetamol e FANS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to combat temperature, muscle aches and other symptoms of infection, while “other symptomatic medications may be used on clinical judgment”. Among them the heparins e i corticosteroids. Doctors and lawyers on the Covid-19 Home Care Committee believe there are limits to this approach and are clamoring for a national protocol of home care with a strengthening of the territorial medicine, which must also pass “also through the creation in each Region of public medical units for diagnosis and home care of covid-19 (USCA)”. The intent, therefore, is very noble. Unfortunately, in many cases the precious home care has been transformed into a sort of flag by those who do not want to get vaccinated, endangering themselves, their loved ones and the whole community, also favoring the circulation of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and perhaps the birth of new and increasingly dangerous variants.

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