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romadailynews radiogiornale and Ben rediscovered collected by the editorial staff by Francesco Vitale in the study the minister of tourism straw on the reopening after yesterday’s protests there are activities that can be opened overnight like the barber others not like the big hotels you need to monitor the data and on the database open as soon as possible We need to plan to be fast otherwise the others will overtake us June 2 is our national holiday it could be a reopening date possible to get to the islands covid free the point and create mechanisms for which one is simple circular connects the regions Gemini says that at opening and will be there especially from May Maybe something as early as April 20 Italy recommends the use of attraction that it has only for those over 60 Although there are no elements to discourage the administration of the Second dose for those who have already had the first to announce it is the President of the Superior Health Council even acquaintances the exceptional cases of thrombosis as very rare side effects of the vaccine but she advised against the administration by gender or age group of the individual states the decision changes the vaccination campaign in Italy With yet another twist on the other zeneca with the risk of a new slowdown fixed reservations until May to postpone or cancel calls for 2 million 300 thousand Italians to manage priority categories age groups to review the Swedish corner serum that will now be administered to the 60-70s 9 years I am over 8 million people who have received at least one dose of the vaccine and religions arrive one and a half million doses of PSY for in the last 24 hours 13,708 positives and 627 deaths the possibility tea has dropped to 4% from 6:09 am house arrest for the mayor of opera in the province of Milan Antonio Nocera a manager of the technical office of the municipality among local entrepreneurs Lucera would have acted to guide the assignment of the public vows in favor of cohabiting entrepreneurs receiving in exchange compensation the mayor would also have organized the irregular management of about 1000 tons of asphalt milled and other material falsely testifying their recovery in the first months of the pandemic distributed close relatives and municipal employees 2001 surgical cards that were destined for RSA and pharmacies the British government denounced the bullying actions of the Burmese junta after the occupation of the handful of remains in London Electro mission of the diplomatic ambassador who had taken sides against golf had to sleep in his car and it’s all Good continuation Listen
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