The WINDTRE mobile network is the fastest in Italy

The WINDTRE mobile network is the fastest in Italy
The WINDTRE mobile network is the fastest in Italy

Following a long test phase lasting from January to June 2021, Ookla comes to an unequivocal result: WINDTRE is the fastest mobile network in Italy.

WINDTRE dominates all mobile operators

Going into detail, the mobile network offered by the telephone operator has reached one Speed Score equal to 50.24 with an average download speed of 37,11 Mbps and an average upload speed of 10,59 Mbps. This important result is certainly also due to the excellent coverage throughout our country with 99.6% coverage of 4G connectivity and 94.8% coverage with 5G connectivity.

This further recognition by Ookla confirms WINDTRE’s commitment to strengthening its Top Quality network“, points out Tommaso Vitali, Brand&B2C Marketing Director di WINDTRE. “Our new technological infrastructure is the most important asset for us: in the last 5 years we have invested 6 billion euros, and we will continue to do so, with the aim of providing our customers with increasingly advanced and high quality services to eliminate distances. among the people“.

The result is based on Speedtest Intelligence data readings from 1,467,673 surveys obtained in Italy using the Speedtest application available for iOS and Android devices between January and June 2021.

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WINDTRE mobile network fastest Italy

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