Farewell to Nerina Peroni, the pianist grandmother who had conquered the jury of “Tú sí que vales”

In the Chianoc residence for the elderly in Savigliano, in the Cuneo area, Nerina Peroni, 81, loved playing for the other guests and from that piano she had also conquered the judges of Tú sí que vales, the program conducted by Maria De Filippi and Gerry scotti. The retired music teacher who had found a place in the heart of the television talent jury with her white hair and love of music died in the night in the RSA where she was a guest. Age had never prevented her from cultivating her passion and her agenda was still full of concerts to hold: she was due to perform tomorrow in Limone Piemonte.

Nerina owed her fame to the Mediaset television program even though many in the Cuneo area already loved her music. The former professor had performed in 2020 at the Anima Festival in Cervere and her performance had earned a standing ovation from the public by opening the doors of Tú sí que vales, the famous talent of Canale 5 that had brought her to the final. Among his fans there was certainly Maria De Filippi: “I hope the jury gives her the best and goes to the final – said the presenter – her fingers move with a speed that does not correspond to her age”. Nerina had not won but had returned to the retirement home with a great satisfaction in her pocket and the warm welcome of the other guests.

She had been a musician all her life. His first public performance – friends remember – was in 1945. Nerina studied at the Turin conservatory and then became a teacher. When she arrived at the pension she had stopped playing but then the old love came knocking on her heart again. “I have been without playing for twenty years”, she admitted in an interview during the months she was engaged in the TV broadcast. If she hadn’t told her, no one would have noticed that long stop. On Monday at 3 pm in the courtyard of the Chianoc residence, friends will say goodbye to Nerina who will then be transferred to the Marene cemetery where her husband also rests.

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