Green pass, the drama of swimming pools and gyms: “Unsustainable situation”

Green pass, the drama of swimming pools and gyms: “Unsustainable situation”
Green pass, the drama of swimming pools and gyms: “Unsustainable situation”

The president of Asi Barbaro raises the alarm: “With further limitations in access it will be impossible to continue”

Another blow for gyms and swimming pools. The green pass requirement decided yesterday by the government is causing despair for the thousands of people involved in a sector that has already paid so much for this crisis.


Among the first to sound the alarm for a situation that has become increasingly serious is the president of the Italian Sports and Social Associations (ASI) and senator of FdI, Claudio Barbaro: “This is another very hard blow to the hundred thousand structures sports that now ask for attention. With further limitations in access, for gyms and swimming pools it will be impossible to continue. Beyond the foreseeable decline in access, how many already registered in sports facilities, not in possession of the green pass, will be reimbursed by the Government? Will the managers of gyms and swimming pools, harassed for 17 months, be helped or abandoned? But, above all, how can the Government persevere in the attitude of not considering sport as a real protection that provides well-being. With this series of measures, thousands have already been removed of people from sports “.

Out of the core

However, there are also those who find this new norm appropriate to avoid closures in the future, such as Marco Contardi, president of Arisa, the association of sports companies of Confcommercio Milan: “We are absolutely in favor and if this can be a tool to bring back people in the gym, with the knowledge of being safe, welcome. What matters is not to be forced to close in the fall, as happened a year ago “.

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Green pass drama swimming pools gyms Unsustainable situation

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