“Infections are growing, young people are driving them”

The incidence increases from 19 to 41 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants

Therefore, the parameters that photograph the trend of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy in the last seven days are sketched, confirming the worsening trend that has been underway for some weeks now. The incidence has gone from 19 to 41 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and the control room estimates the transmissibility index Rt at a national level for next week at 1.55.


Hospitals hold up despite the resurgence of infections

However, the weekly survey shows that hospital wards are not affected and are holding up to the rising curve: no Region and Autonomous Province exceeds the critical occupancy threshold for beds in intensive care or medical area, with the occupancy rate that remains stable at 2% albeit with a slight increase in the number of people hospitalized.

Vaccines, 4.8 million over 50s without coverage

Over 4.8 million Italians who are over 50 have not yet had a dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. This is what emerges from the latest government report, according to which in the last week 156,159 people over 50 were given the first dose: 7 days ago there were 4,985,650 waiting for the first dose, now they are 4,829,491. Among the over 80, there are 319,369 (7.01%) those who have not even taken a dose, in the 70-79 range there are 713.124 (11.85%), in the 60-69 range they are 1.327.306 (17.57 %) and in that 50-59 there are 2,469,692 (25.59%).

All the Regions remain in the white zone

With the new parameters, the critical threshold that marks the transition to the yellow zone for the Regions is set at 10% and 15% of employment respectively for the intensive and ordinary departments. In the face of this, “it is more than ever necessary for citizens to complete the vaccination cycle and to intensify the tracing and sequencing of cases”, warns the control room. For the moment, however, no Region sees imminent risks of entering the yellow zone.


The Delta variant dominates Europe, peak of cases and hospitalizations in Spain The Delta variant, meanwhile, continues to spread relentlessly around the world, and is now the dominant strain in Europe. To certify it are the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and the World Health Organization, launching a new appeal to be vaccinated and confirming fears that have become increasingly concrete in the face of the surge in infections that has been going on for weeks. Starting with Spain, where in 7 days the employment of intensive care units increased from 9.18% to 13.52%, while that in the general departments from 3.91% to 6.37%.


Infections growing young people driving

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