Accident at work at the State University of Milan, Enrico Pantoni died

Accident at work at the State University of Milan, Enrico Pantoni died
Accident at work at the State University of Milan, Enrico Pantoni died

Enrico Pantoni, the 65-year-old worker residing in Torano Nuovo, in the province of Teramo, did not make it, who was the victim of yet another serious injury, which occurred on Wednesday 14 July in the Cruise library of the Statale, in via Festa del Perdono in Milan , where he was just for a business trip: he died after three days of agony, Saturday 17 July, at the Policlinico Maggiore hospital, where he had been taken in desperate conditions. As usual, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case by entering the employer in the register of suspects and ordered an autopsy. Therefore, the tragic balance of a black day for the Lombard capital rises to two white deaths in the space of a couple of hours: also on the afternoon of the same 14 July, in Peschiera Borromeo, the 68-year-old Gian Pietro Rota had also lost his life, crushed from the floor of his tow truck while he was loading a van.

Pantoni was an employee of Cam Impianti srl, a company based in Colonnella, also in the Teramo area, which operates in the sector of technological systems and which had contracted out some plant engineering works in the library of the State University, including those for the modernization of the data network. The attendant, who did not suffer from any particular pathology, was working inside a room on a scaffold about two meters high when suddenly he fell badly ruining to the ground. Rescued by the 118 health workers, promptly alerted, the worker was rushed to the Policlinico Maggiore in Milan in a state of coma, but in the crash he suffered too severe polytrauma, including a closed skull fracture with cerebral laceration, and despite all attempts by the doctors to save him, he died on Saturday 17 July: he never regained consciousness.

Enrico Pantoni leaves his wife Giuliana in immense pain, four of his brothers and sisters and the nephews to whom he was very attached. His loved ones, to be assisted and to shed full light on the causes and responsibilities of the accident, through the legal consultant Mario Masciovecchio, have relied on Studio3A-Valore SpA, a company specialized at national level in compensation for damages and in the protection of rights of citizens, in collaboration with the lawyer of the Milan Court, Maria Laura Bastia.

The Public Prosecutor of the Prosecutor Meneghina, Mauro Clerici, in fact, immediately opened a file with the hypothesis of the crime of manslaughter against the legal representative of Cam Impianti. The magistrate also ordered the autopsy appraisal to clarify the causes of the death of the worker and, in particular, if he suffered an illness before the fall, it being understood that he would not have had to fall from the scaffolding, or if the death was due exclusively to the trauma of the violent impact on the ground.

The task of the technical consultant indicated by the magistrate will be conferred on Monday 26 July, at 8 am, at the civic morgue in Milan, where the examination will follow: Marco Filippo Scaglione will also participate in the expert operations, as legal medical technical consultant of part for the worker’s family made available by Studio3A. Once the autopsy has been performed and the authorization obtained from the judicial authority, the family members will be able to set the date of the funeral that will take place at the Madonna di Lourdes Church of Villa Bizzarri di Torano.

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