how much you have to pay – Libero Quotidiano

how much you have to pay – Libero Quotidiano
how much you have to pay – Libero Quotidiano

Michela Murgia it was sentenced on appeal, requested by you, for not having honored his contract with a Sardinian publishing house. After the first instance sentence of the Civil Court of Nuoro in February 2019, the Court of Appeal of Sassari reports the newspaper, ha rejected the appeal presented by the writer of Finisher in relation to the matter centered on the breach of contract with the publishing house The Mistral. According to the judge, the Murgia has not finished and published the novel Spirit of Body, despite having already been booked in bookstores and advertised during the Turin Book Fair in 2011.

After being sentenced to pay 18 thousand euros plus interest and legal fees, for a total of about 23 thousand euros, the writer had appealed. And in Sassari, the Court chaired by Maria Teresa Spanu instead confirmed the first instance sentence. So the Murgia will have to compensate the Sardinian publishing house Il Maestrale.

The Murgia is in these days at the center of a controversy because a Tuesday, the program conducted by Giovanni Floris its La7, on Tuesday 6 April, he attacked the general Paolo Figliuolo, new coronavirus emergency commissioner for the vaccination plan.

Commenting on some phrases pronounced by Figliuolo – “We will set fire to all the powders”; “New breath at the trumpets”; “Turn around or we will lose everything”; “We will close the game” – the writer said: “Probably from a man who comes from a military background one can only expect a language of war. I wonder if this language is the right one to use with non-military people, that is, the rest of the country. Personally, it scares me to have a commissioner running around in a uniform, I have never been fascinated by the uniform “.

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