The 5S threaten, furious Grillo: “He doesn’t want to break up with Draghi”

The 5S threaten, furious Grillo: “He doesn’t want to break up with Draghi”
The 5S threaten, furious Grillo: “He doesn’t want to break up with Draghi”

The CinqueStelle ministers are ready to resign in the event that the justice reform of Minister Cartabia is approved without further changes. This is said by the head of the youth policy department Fabiana Dadone: a release that aroused the ire of Grillo.

While Giuseppi and his loyalists are preparing counter-moves to oppose the Cartabia, what happens on the other side of the Movement? How did the founding father Beppe Grillo react to the insubordination of his dolphin Giuseppi? The Genoese comedian would be furious, which is not new, given the constant clashes between the two prima donnas of the pentastellato party. “He absolutely does not want to break with Draghi and agrees with what was decided in the Council of Ministers last week”, explain sources close to the guarantor of the grillina team. “Grillo on Justice wants an agreement and would never have wanted that, due to the distinctions of the Five Stars, there would be a vote of confidence”. After all, it is Grillo who maintains a close daily relationship with Draghi, while Giuseppi plays a supporting role, despite being at least officially the leader in pectore.

Surprised by the allies, the Democratic party strategically tries to create a groove on the justice issue as well: “It has gone too far”, attacks an Antonellis source close to Letta, and Dadone’s threat would have provoked further piqued reactions. Why risk a government crack for some changes? Conte’s phone would therefore have been literally stormed by the dem allies in search of answers.

What happened

Fabiana Dadone had positively evaluated the idea of ​​asking the question of trust on the controversial reform, after the green light from the Council of Ministers, interpreting it as a first, albeit cold, openness to dialogue,“both by Prime Minister Draghi and by Minister Cartabia, because they have realized that the reform as presented risks having bands of impunity”. Guest ad Summer Agora, Dadone had pointed out: “It is right that Parliament presents the amendments, and our political force, the 5 Star Movement, which is very sensitive to the issue of prescription, has prepared over 900”.

Grillini ready to make the barricades, therefore, in the event that this reform does not fully satisfy them: “We expect a constructive discussion, then we will see the decisions to be made”. Among the extreme decisions there is also the possibility that the resignation of the pentastellated ministers: “I think it is something to be evaluated together with Giuseppe Conte. It is a hypothesis that certainly should be evaluated”.

The former governor of the European Central Bank, however, certainly did not like the rebellion of the CinqueStelle Movement, certain that by now he had the total consensus of the majority who already supports him, especially after the clarifying meeting he had with Giuseppi. When the premier had to take note of the enormous amount of amendments it seems to have lost its proverbial aplomb on a reform that he thought was about to be approved. So much so that, instinctively, he already had a bold statement in store for the grillini. Thinking of the consequences, presumably, Draghi then preferred to postpone, as Marco Antonellis di Tpi.

The ball now passes into Grillo’s field who, without any doubt, will once again make his voice heard in an attempt to bring Giuseppi back into the ranks.

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