This is the best lean meat for fighting fatigue and disease

This is the best lean meat for fighting fatigue and disease
This is the best lean meat for fighting fatigue and disease

There are so many myths about food that spread misinformation. Among these, there is the convention that red meat is the greatest source of iron. In fact, this is the most iron-rich lean meat, the best for fighting fatigue and disease. It is a white meat that we all know. Hence, the red color of the meat has nothing to do with its high iron content.

White meat rich in iron

Usually, we are used to thinking that we have to make a choice. Either eat red meat high in cholesterol, or eat white meat low in iron. The reality, however, is quite different. In fact, among the various options that nature offers us, there is a white meat, lean and very rich in iron. This makes it a type of meat suitable for everyone: from small children to the elderly. Above all, it does not increase cholesterol, on the contrary, it is very suitable for diets. Let’s find out which meat it is.

This is the best lean meat for fighting fatigue and disease

The most iron-rich lean meat we all have available is turkey. A tasty and very versatile meat. Low in fat, it is very rich in iron, which is essential for the transport of oxygen in the blood. Having iron deficiency can lead to several problems. For example, tiredness and exhaustion, but also poor concentration and a weaker immune system. There are many who have an iron deficiency without knowing it. In particular, it is a problem that mainly affects women.

This is why it is important to maintain a balanced diet that also includes the recommended dose of iron. Hence, each of us should eat 14 mg of iron per day. To get a better idea of ​​our needs, however, we can rely on blood tests and doctor’s advice.

But surely, replacing steaks and pork with a tasty turkey can bring many benefits to our health.


We eat these iron-rich beans to lower cholesterol and triglycerides

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