The pain of Alessandra Mastronardi, the cousin dies at 32: the memory on social media

A pain that until now she had kept to herself, but now that her cousin Valentina De Icco has disappeared, Alessandra Mastronardi decides to pay tribute to her with a public memory on social media. A message published yesterday evening, in which the actress turns to the 32-year-old who disappeared from scleroderma after a long battle. “So what should we do now without you? – Neapolitan begins – You are free now, you can now run happy without feeling fatigue, now you can smile without feeling embarrassed, you can now travel beyond borders, now you you can everything! And us? What should we do? Let us remain here, abandoned, with this emptiness that you have left, cold, sudden, devastating “.

Who was Valentina, what is scleroderma

The disease – scleroderma is a disease characterized by fibrosis (thickening) of the skin and internal organs, with alterations of the small caliber vessels and anomalies of the immune system – gripped Valentina’s life since adolescence. Some local newspapers reported the news of the death. Then the greeting from Alessandra, to whom the girl was very attached. “We should learn from your example – we still read – we should enjoy every moment of life, for you. We should laugh louder so that we can hear from you, we should dream stronger the dreams that you will not live. We should love stronger, dance for you, look at the world and live it all, for you. But not today, my blood, warrior of our family, forgive me. We will do it, I promise you, but today the cold in the bones is stronger than everything “.

The funeral: “Your image overcomes even death”

The funeral took place yesterday, Thursday 22 July, in the parish of San Nicola in Giugliano, a town near Naples. “Valentina De Icco has returned to the Father’s House. A girl rich in faith who for years and with great Patience, has borne the hard weight of the Cross. I am close to the whole Family who is experiencing this terrible Trial”. wrote on social networks Don Raffaele Grimaldi, the parish priest of the area.

In support of the post, Mastronardi shares a shot of the young woman in a moment of lightheartedness: Valentina is immortalized at the sea, while looking at the horizon. “May your image remain etched forever in this technological universe that perhaps, in some strange way, even overcomes death. To you.” Alongside Alessandra, to help her overcome such a painful moment, is her partner (and future husband) Ross McCall.

Below, a photo of Alessandra Mastronardi with her cousin Valentina De Icco


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