The historian Nicola Tranfaglia died, he was 82 years old

On Friday night the historian Nicola Tranfaglia died at 82, known for his studies on fascism, neo-fascism, the history of the press and journalism and mafias, and for his political experience with the Italian Communists and Italia dei Valori between 2004 and 2011.

Tranfaglia was born in Naples in 1938 but began his academic career in Turin, at the Luigi Einaudi Foundation, where he became a pupil of the Piedmontese historian and magistrate Alessandro Galante Garrone after graduating in Law. For many years he was full professor of Contemporary History at the University of Turin, accompanying his academic studies with extensive work in the publishing field in numerous historical journals and scientific publications, as well as collaborations with newspapers such as Republic and theEspresso.

In 2006 he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies with the Italian Communists, a role he held until 2008; later he joined Italia dei Valori, a party founded by the former magistrate Antonio Di Pietro, carrying out the role of culture manager.

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