Ferrari, visit to the heart of Maranello: how a supercar is born

Ferrari, visit to the heart of Maranello: how a supercar is born
Ferrari, visit to the heart of Maranello: how a supercar is born

We have been where the most desired sports cars in the world are built. A place where technology and craftsmanship come together to create masterpieces

From our correspondent Luigi Perna

23 July
– MARANELLO (Modena)

Employees call it The Citadel. And in fact the Maranello factory is like a small town. Starting with the streets: all with the names of former Cavallino riders who have won at least one race. There are Ascari and Fangio, Scheckter and Villeneuve, Lauda and Prost, among many others. And Michael Schumacher? Instead, a square is dedicated to him, recognition for the five consecutive World Cups won with the red.

Tradition meets technology

Ferrari, the most famous Italian brand in the world, has retained the same charm for over 70 years, when it was founded by the great Enzo, even if today the departments have become ultra-modern and skilled workers use cutting-edge technologies to build sports cars. most desired in the world. Tradition and history alongside modernity. Handicraft work flanked by that of robots. Visiting the Maranello factories is a continuous discovery. For example, did you know that Ferrari, since the foundation of its factory, wanted there to be an internal foundry to churn out the metal parts of the engines? Even now this is how the legendary Cavallino engines are born, made entirely of aluminum, with the sole exception of the crankshaft, within the New Mechanics department.

The beating heart

The craftsmanship of man can be seen in every detail. But there is also the help of precision machines. The most curious is made up of two robots that act in sync, for the insertion of the valve seats in the heads: they have been renamed Romeo and Juliet. Each group of employees follows the assembly of a specific part of the engines, from the 720 hp V8 of the F8 Tributo to the 1000 hp hybrid of the SF90 Stradale, the most powerful production Ferrari ever built. But the 12-cylinder is the flagship of the Ferrari tradition. Mounted on the 812 Superfast and on the new 812 Competizione, which will be produced in a very limited series, it is still assembled by hand, from the first to the last piece. While the next jewel to be churned out will be the small and unprecedented V6 turbo hybrid of the 296 Gtb, just presented. The missing Ferrari engine, revolutionary in concepts and with a specific power equal to that of a V8 a few years ago.

A question of exclusivity

Moving inside the factory, we then move on to the assembly lines. There are three of them and they are used for the assembly of all the Ferraris currently in production, in total about 10 thousand cars a year. The aluminum bodies, still to be painted, come from Carrozzeria Scaglietti of Modena. The assembly of the car components and the final coupling between engines and bodies requires three days of work for each model. Each Ferrari is characterized by aesthetic details that can be chosen by the customer when ordering and incorporated into the production process. The Tailor Made program provides almost infinite levels of customization. Then there are the One-Offs, crazy custom-built cars made in a single copy for lucky owners who have no spending limits. Ferrari builds a couple a year, starting with the blank sheet project, as happened with the incredible P80 C, a supercar ordered by a Hong Kong customer to be used only on the track.


“Our cars are not only luxury products with maximum performance, but they must make people smile, that is, transmit the pleasure of driving, within everyone’s reach”, they say to Ferrari. The company has amazed for its dynamism, in recent years, with the birth of many new models well placed on the market, such as the Gran Turismo Roma, increasing the numbers without losing exclusivity. The next marvel to come will be the sister of the Ferrari Monza, the little boat wanted by Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic, which opened the line of Icons. Another super expensive and super exclusive red, bound to amaze.

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Ferrari visit heart Maranello supercar born

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