Here’s how much US big techs earn every minute – Magazine

Here’s how much US big techs earn every minute – Magazine
Here’s how much US big techs earn every minute – Magazine
How much they earn every 60 seconds the most famous American Big Tech like Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla and Netflix? Much, much, perhaps even more than you can imagine. It starts at $ 50,000 Netflix and we arrive at 955,000 of Amazon, but also the other stars and stripes companies are not doing badly at all. The data is taken from documents that companies send to the Securities and Exchange Commission (Consob of the United States) and Seeking Alpha, a crowdsourcing content service linked to the financial markets.

Almost a million dollars a minute
The Scrooge de ‘Scrooge in this special ranking drawn up by Visual Capitalist is Jeff Bezos, boss of Amazon and just confirmed at the top of the ranking Forbes of the richest men in the world. His company is capable of making money $ 955,000 per minute. In second place is Apple: the company of Cupertino cashes $ 848,000 every 60 seconds. Lower step of the podium – so to speak – for Alphabet (the parent company of Google) which earns “only” $ 433,000.
The ranking of the companies that earn the most every minute continues with Microsoft: the company founded by Bill Gates collects $ 327,000 every 60 seconds. Fifth place for Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg’s house earns $ 213,000. Then, slightly detached, Tesla and Netflix follow. The car brand of Elon Musk grosses $ 81,000 per minute, the streaming content company 50,000.
The total earnings of the Big tech americane every minute is really scary: the six stars and stripes companies collect an astronomical figure of 2,907,000 dollars.

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