Spinazzola: ‘I’ll be back on the pitch in November. Mou has already conquered everyone. Inter? It hurt me to be called lame ‘| First page

Spinazzola: ‘I’ll be back on the pitch in November. Mou has already conquered everyone. Inter? It hurt me to be called lame ‘| First page
Spinazzola: ‘I’ll be back on the pitch in November. Mou has already conquered everyone. Inter? It hurt me to be called lame ‘| First page

But which January or February: “I go back in November“. Word of Leonardo Spinazzola. The exterior of the Roma and of National, stopped for the rupture of the Achilles tendon remedied in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020 against Belgium, speaks to The Romanist and reveals that he can forge ahead for his return to the field: “I mean that in November I will be available to the coach to start playing again. In my head there is only this date. Others have succeeded, I’ll try too. I know very well that there are those who talk about January, February and maybe even March, but I say that in November I’ll be back on the pitch. Then maybe I’ll be wrong, we’ll see. Now I’m resting, after so many very busy days. family a little by the sea. It takes a little rest. I jumped a lot to celebrate, but for the victory of the European Championship I could also jump without legs “.

PARTY – “My wife worried? She was frightened, she was afraid that I would slip into the changing rooms:” watch out, everything will be wet “. She recommended herself a lot, and I was attentive. In the changing rooms, as soon as the sparkling wine started I sat on one side : I sang but sat “.

EMOTIONS – “I confess that for a week with my head I was a bit stunned. The adrenaline shot up, I ate very little, I was immediately nauseous, I drank little. I was always lying down, I didn’t burn anything, I lived for a while ‘on a roller coaster. I still don’t believe we really won. And if I think about the work I have to do … Does it depress me? On the contrary, I can’t wait.

PROGRAM – “In Trigoria I will go back to work on August 2, one month after the injury. I will go to do ankle mobility under the supervision of physiotherapists, I want to get back to routine and that will do a lot. But for six weeks I will not be able to rest even the foot on the ground, then I will help myself with crutches but always with a low load. But already now I am not still: I have already removed the stitches, now while we speak I am on the bed lying down, but I move my foot up and down, to make the muscle that is there, that has to work. I can already see improvements. “

THE INJURY – “What if I immediately realized that I had broken my tendon? No no, I didn’t feel any pain. I felt a shot. As I ran out of the corner of my eye I was hoping to see someone behind me who had hit me. When I realized that there was no one I knew immediately that the tendon was ruptured. But no pain. I cried only because I realized what I was going to miss. I felt a little pain only the first night after the operation when the The effect of the anesthesia. Could it have been avoided? Unfortunately no, it was inevitable. A number of things happened all at once: the kind of effort I put on the heel, the sandy ground, the sudden snap. tip I would never have broken. Consider that two months earlier I had done an MRI and the doctor had found the tendon perfectly intact. But now it’s over, I’m thinking about the future “.

CHARACTER – “I have a nice character. For almost two years now. If I mean from the missed passage to Inter? Yes, it hurt me to be called lame, from that episode I found all the strength in the world to recover and to demonstrate to all who I am. Now nothing scares me anymore. I am much calmer mentally. I have the best job in the world, I have a wonderful family and we are fine. What more could I ask for? “.

FEW INJURIES – “The reality is that in recent times the only real injury, which was the stupidity of the inflamed scar, was with Ajax. Relapse with Manchester United? Okay, but I knew what I was getting into. 100% recovered. Repentant? But are you kidding? You have to play those games at all costs, it could have been good, if it goes wrong you tried. But I was calm, I knew it was nonsense and that I could play a great European. Which happened on time, without any problem. Up to the rupture of the tendon “.

BEST LEFT THIRD OF EUROPEANS – “What happened? It just happened that I gave continuity to my game by playing steadily on the left. Already at Atalanta, before going to Juventus, I had played on certain levels, I remember some magnificent matches with Borussia Dortmund and against Lyon. But then maybe there was still no interest around Atalanta in the last two years and therefore there was not much talk about it. But I was playing with Italy like now. “

ALSO IN ROME – “Yes, when I was able to play continuously on the left I found an excellent performance. Too bad the injuries of too many players. I’m sure we could have taken away a lot of satisfaction even with Fonseca. The story why I play better with a three-man defense “At four I also played with Fonseca at the beginning, but on the right, where I am worse off. At four you have to have the cover of the midfielders to avoid any problems. If the team works together there is no problem. there were no players and those who played got more tired. If Fonseca had been able to make the changes in Manchester it would not have ended like this. “

FUTURE – “But I can assure you that with Davide (Lippi, his agent, ed) I didn’t even talk about this stuff, I really didn’t want to think about anything other than the Europeans, so the idea never touched me”.

THE ARRIVAL OF VINA – “If it worries me? Never in life. On the contrary, I’m happy with it. Until I come back, Riccardo (Calafiori, ed) certainly couldn’t play all the games. Viña is welcome, and then maybe those who say that I I’ll be back in February … “.

MOURINHO – “I talked to him on the phone before the European Championship and then when I got back to Trigoria. I saw a training session, the first friendly. He seems like a good person. But you can see immediately that he is tough, he is a lot of stuff. From what I have heard from my teammates, he immediately left a great impression. Will he be able to give what has been lacking in recent years? I hope so, we will understand soon. I think so obviously. Always and only think about the result, there will be more attention now. that I will miss the whole first phase “.

TAKE OFF – “I heard from Nicco, he wrote to me during the European Championship. He told me he couldn’t wait to whiz with me on the wings. Zano is an animal, I also saw him in a friendly match, he has already begun to give And then these injuries make you grow, they make you understand a lot about life, about the most important values, I’m sure we will see him more mature. It could be his year and if so it will also be for Roma. “

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