Rosberg clears Hamilton – Formula 1

Rosberg clears Hamilton – Formula 1
Rosberg clears Hamilton – Formula 1

The accident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the Copse it cost 10 ″ penalty for the English, judged by the Commissioners guilty of not having avoided contact. From here came one huge debate, which involved both simple spectators and the entire universe of Formula 1, who in recent days wanted to give their opinion on what happened on the track. On the one hand who recognizes a clear responsibility of Hamilton, on the other who would have dismissed everything as a classic race accident.

Fault of whom

The name of Nico Rosberg. An important opinion, from those who have had several close contacts with Lewis Hamilton on the track, just think of Barcelona or Austria 2016. The son of art has few doubts: It was a racing accident. Everyone goes to the limit, and it is normal when you are fighting to win the British GP and you are fighting so closely for the championship. And you know the importance of finishing the first lap in the leadRosberg remarked to the British of the Daily Express.

The 2016 world champion continued: “Being up front at that juncture makes a huge difference to the final result, so it’s a race accident because everyone is doing their best“. Rosberg, as a spectator of Formula 1, is therefore eager to find out what will happen in the second half of the season: “What happened leaves us an even more intense battle. I can’t wait to turn on the TV to see what happens, because surely the fight has grown in intensity“.


Rosberg clears Hamilton Formula

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