The Rt index returns above 1 in Italy, it had not happened since the end of March

The Rt index returns above 1 in Italy, it had not happened since the end of March
The Rt index returns above 1 in Italy, it had not happened since the end of March

AGI – The Rt index in Italy is growing strongly, reaching 1.26 in the latest monitoring, up from 0.91 last week. And the the first time that the RT returns above 1 since last March 26.

Also soaring ofweekly incidence, which spikes from 19 to 40 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants. This is what emerges from the control room for Covid monitoring, which met this morning as every Friday.

In the last week “there is a strong increase in the weekly incidence at national level with evidence of an increase in cases diagnosed in almost all Regions / PPAA”, and with “the transmissibility on symptomatic cases only and on hospitalized ones is above the epidemic threshold“.

Minimal impact on hospitals

However, “the impact of the Covid-19 disease on hospital services remains minimal with employment rates and the number of hospitalized in the medical and intensive care area substantially stable”.

There are 16 Regions with Rt higher than 1, with Sardinia even registering an index of 2.24. The others are Abruzzo (1.27), Campania (1.26), Emilia Romagna (1.35), Friuli Venezia Giulia (1.24), Lazio (1.18), Liguria (1.45), Lombardy ( 1.34), Marche (1.46), Piedmont (1.27), Province of Bolzano (1.24), Province of Trento (1.04), Puglia (1.22), Sicily (1.18) , Tuscany (1.43), Veneto (1.67).

Italy remains white, 4 regions avoid yellow

With the new parameters presented by the Government for the assignment of “colors” to the Regions, which focus on hospital admissions rather than weekly incidence, Italy is earning at least another blank week.

The monitoring of the control room, from which the orders of the Minister Speranza on the movements of the band derive, in fact, it does not record hospital overloads, with intensive and ordinary hospitalizations both at 2% occupancy at the national level, and no region comes close to the thresholds of 10% and 15% respectively set to leave the white zone and finish in yellow.

What would have happened instead to 4 Regions, which with the incidence data splashed over 50 cases per hundred thousand, the “old” parameter used, should have greeted the white zone.

These are Sardinia (incidence 82.8 per hundred thousand), Veneto (68.9), Lazio (68.8) and Sicily (64.9). With Tuscany approaching the threshold with 49.2.

Ma hospitalizations, as mentioned, are still far from the risk thresholds: if with over 10% of intensive jobs employed, you go yellow, Sardinia has an employment of 1.9%, Veneto of 1%, Lazio of 3.1%, Sicily of 3.4%

The consequences on hospitals of the resurgence of Covid cases in Italy are still few. No Region exceeds the critical occupancy threshold for beds in the intensive care or medical area.

The ICU employment rate is stable at 2%, with a slight increase in the number of hospitalized people from 157 (13/07/2021) to 165 (20/07/2021).

The employment rate in medical areas nationwide remains at 2%. The number of people hospitalized in these areas is slightly increasing from 1,128 (13/07/2021) to 1,194 (20/07/2021).

Delta variant is prevalent, track and vaccinate

“The circulation of the delta variant is increasing in Italy and is now prevalent. This variant is leading to an increase in cases in other countries with high vaccination coverage, therefore it is advisable to carry out an extensive tracking and sequencing of cases”.

This is what we read in the weekly monitoring report of the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health, which underlines: “Achieving high vaccination coverage and completing vaccination cycles is a priority in all eligible, with particular regard to people at risk of serious illness, as well as to reduce viral circulation and the possible resurgence of symptomatic cases supported by emerging variants with greater transmissibility.

On the basis of ECDC data and forecasts – the document reiterates – of the presence of outbreaks caused by the delta viral variant in Italy and of the current vaccination coverage, it is advisable to maintain high attention, as well as apply and comply with the measures necessary to avoid an of viral circulation “.

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