Delta variant, the virus now runs mostly among young people

Delta variant, the virus now runs mostly among young people
Delta variant, the virus now runs mostly among young people

The curve of new infections drops slightly, but attention to the spread of the Delta variant in Ciociaria remains very high. Given that, thanks to the summer, the low preposition to the vaccine and the euphoric celebrations linked to the victory of the national football team to the Europeans, the virus travels mainly on the legs of young people under thirty.
Yesterday the new infected, out of 692 molecular swabs, were 17 (Wednesday they were 24). Still 3 cases in Frosinone and Ferentino. One for each center in Alvito, Boville Ernica, Campoli Appennino, Casalattico, Castro dei Volsci, Ceccano, Isola del Liri, Morolo, Piedimonte San Germano, San Donato Val di Comino and Veroli. The ratio of molecular swabs to new positives stood at 2.4 percent (in the Lazio region yesterday it rose again to 7.5 percent).
Fortunately, there were no deaths yesterday, while there was a negative.
In this phase, now more than ever, the double track to mitigate the rise of infections is represented by the tracing of the swabs of the new positives (to identify the variant as soon as possible) and vaccination. It is not new, in fact, that the new cases are linked to people who have not been vaccinated or who have not yet completed the cycle of the two doses. Yesterday the total of those who received the first dose in Ciociaria rose to 434,410 people (235,044 women and 199,366 men). The immune Ciociari, on the other hand, are 192,405. The age group that has received the most doses in the province of Frosinone is between 60 and 69 years with 81,497 inoculations. The two lowest groups with over 11 thousand doses are 16-19 years and the over 90s.
“We run, we are in a hurry to vaccinate because if we do not reach the herd effect, the virus also adapts to the vaccinated and continues its evolutionary course” was explained by the ASL of Frosinone.
In the meantime, the Delta operation continues with the Vaccinal Tour with the Frosinone ASL camper. Yesterday he stopped in Pastena and Amaseno, today it will be Pico and Falvaterra. Stop at the weekend, then resume on Monday at Villa Latina, Terelle and Belmonte Castello; on the 27th in Vallerotonda, Acquafondata and Viticuso; on the 28th in Coreno Ausonio and Sant’Ambrogio sul Garigliano. It closes on 29 July in Colle San Magno.
An upward trend of the curve, now constant, throughout the Lazio region, where yesterday on over 10 thousand molecular swabs (1443 fewer than the previous 24 hours) and almost 20 thousand antigenic for a total of over 30 thousand tests, 792 new cases were recorded positive (176 more than on Wednesday), one death. There are 150 hospitalized patients, 29 intensive care and 274 recovered. “The incidence of infections is increasing – explained the regional health councilor Alessio D’Amato – which stands at 52 per 100 thousand inhabitants, in 90 percent of cases these are young age groups. The median age of infections falls to 23 years. It is confirmed that in this phase the circulation of the virus is mainly linked to young people, therefore we renew the invitation to get vaccinated ».


Delta variant virus runs among young people

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