56 year old struck down by Covid, Triora in mourning for Lal Kossinnage

Triora. He died at 56, killed by the English variant of the Covid-19, Lal Kossinnage: domestic worker and kitchen assistant, originally from Sri Lanka but living in Triora for years. The man, who seems to have no major health problems, felt ill immediately after returning to Italy from a two-month trip to his country, where he had gone to visit his wife and three children.

Admitted to hospital on April 26, in a few days he was transferred to the intensive care unit where he died after more than a month and a half of agony.


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The Deputy Mayor of Triora tells the story of Lal, Gianni Nicosia: “Lal worked for several years at the former Colomba d’Oro hotel and for about eight years he had been working as a kitchen assistant in our restaurant, ‘L’Erba Gatta’, as well as doing some extras as a domestic worker for the owner of the hotel , Simona Pastor. It was all so absurd and fast: when he returned from Sri Lanka he told me that he had swabbed before leaving and that it was negative ».

«The next day, however – continues Nicosia – He started to have a headache, but we thought it could be jet lag or travel fatigue. Then, the fever, the loss of taste and the difficulty in breathing, all in very rapid succession. In the end he was hospitalized ».

“Despite being a discreet person of few words – concludes the deputy mayor – He left a huge void, because well liked by everyone for his kindness and education”.

To help the family, who remained in Sri Lanka, a fundraiser was organized. At 3.15 pm next Monday, however, a small ceremony with a Buddhist rite will be held in the garden of the former Colomba d’Oro hotel and Lal will then be buried in the cemetery of Triora.

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